Metastasis in Pelvic Bone

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I have just been told that I have metastasis in the pelvic bone.  I am taking gabapentin and co-codamol but neither seems to help.  Any suggestions on what to ask for?  I have not yet had a biopsy or any other tests so do not know if it is from Breast Cancer or Endometrium cancer.  I am in considerable pain and very tired. Not yet had a hospital appointment for anything.

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    Waiting for tests and biopsies can be very stressful and it must be horrible being in pain and feeling tired as well. I'm hoping that since you posted this you have managed to get some medication to get the pain under control. However, if you haven't and it's now the weekend could I suggest that you ring NHS111 to ask their advice.

    Sending virtual (((hugs)))

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  • Thank you for your concern and reply.  My GP has now sorted my meds and the hospital have rung with an update on when I can expect radiotherapy treatment to start.  I am feeling so much better knowing that there are people out there who I can turn to and ar listening.

  • Hi jptechy, I've just read your post, it's good the GP has sorted out the meds, bone pain is so disabling.

    All the best Ulls 

  • I have exactly the same metastasis in the same area. The pain is excruciating. I've been put on morphine tablets two days ago, but they only work when at rest, but I'm in unbelievable pain when I try and move about. 

  • I am no medic but the really bad pain comes from a trapped femoral nerve. This gives me horrendous pain around the knee and down the leg especially at night and Morphine does not touch it. I take lots of Gabapentin to ease this pain which it does during the day.  My groin pain is not too bad but now starting on radiotherapy so that is starting to hurt more. Fortunately only 10 sessions of radiotherapy.