Oxycodone dosage for pain relief

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Hi one and all, this is my first post and relates to my husband who has secondary’s in his penis, pelvis and hip joint. As this was only discovered January treatment is at the early stages. He has just had 5 days radiotherapy to try and help with his hip pain and is on Oxycodone.  He has been  taking a 10mg every 4 hours and 5mg every 6 plus paracetamol in between. This has been messing up his sleep and so last night we tried 15mg every 4 hours which seems to work and less paracetamol was needed. I would be interested to hear what dosage others are on. I’ll be so relieved when the hospice pain management get involved as our doctors are not much help.

  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the online community

    I'm sorry to read that your husband is in pain from the secondary cancer in his hip. 

    I don't have the experience you're looking for but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. By responding to you it will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list where hopefully a member of the group who has experience with pain management can help you further.

    Having read your profile I see that your husband's primary cancer was in his bladder and kidney, so it might be worthwhile to also join and post in those groups as there will probably be people there who have similar secondaries. If this is something that you'd like to do clicking on the links I've created will take you straight there where you can then join and post in the same way as you did here.

    I do hope you hear from the hospice pain management team soon.


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  • Hi. I have secondaries in my spine,pelvis, legs, ribs, shoulder and liver. I take 100mg tramadol slow release twice a day and I can take up to 4 normal tramadol through the 24 hr period.  I also have liquid morphine for breakthrough pain and I can also take paracetamol if needed as a boost for the tramadol. Between my onc and my GP we got it sorted. I hope this helps. Obviously everyone is different but it's nice to get other peoples experiences.  I have breast cancer that was stable for 5 yrs and has now spread to my liver, I'm on chemo now to hopefully get it back under control. 

    Good luck to you and your husband,  I hope you get it sorted out for him. It's no fun being in pain. 


    Lils x
  • Hi Lils, thank you for answering my query. I’m sorry to hear your cancer has spread, my husband had 5 years grace before it was found again. He’s very poorly in hospital at the moment with a UTI but is booked in to see the pain management team so I’m hoping when he comes home his pain will be easier to deal with. Sending you lots of healing thoughts

  • I will keep my fingers crossed for your husband, hopefully they will sort the pain out for him. Let me know how you get on. 

    Lils x
  • Thanks Lils I will, hope you are having a good day to day.

    Angie x

  • Hi, I have just discovered I have secondaries in my spine. I had breast cancer in 2013 and have been ok since. Still trying to make sense of it coming back after all this time. 

  • Hi my wife has just been diagnosed with secondary in spine, hips and lungs. We didn’t get any cancer free period so was diagnosed in July 21 had treatment then when we thought she was going for the results to say she was cancer free we were hit with the news it had spread and untreatable.

    They gave her a bit blast of radiotherapy to her spine for pain relieve which didn’t help and she’s starting immunotherapy but regarding pain relieve she was on just Co-codomol 30-500mg but last few weeks she’s been on 35mg Oxycodone long tec morning and night and 15mg Oxycodone short tec every 4 hours but they space her out and she feels like a junkie.

    Tomorrow we have a meeting with her Oncologist to discuss moving to palliative care as they are better at helping with pain relieve.

    Maybe you could ask for palliative  care to be involved to get your husband the right painkiller and dose?

  • Hi there, so sorry to hear your bad news, it’s always such a shock when it comes even if you are half prepared for it. Husbands pain is under control now, his pain had got much worse after having radiotherapy but we were told it would and then get better after some weeks which it has. He is now on Oxycodone 10mg every 4 hours which seems to work for now. Oncologist has talked about referring him to the hospice for palliative care. He’s only just come out of hospital as had sepsis following a procedure to have a stent put in his only kidney. We are very lucky he is still with us Pray Good luck to you and your wife, I’ve heard some good things about immunotherapy