Clinical trials?

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Hi all, new here.

My mum was first diagnosed with secondary bone cancer in 2017 - she had cryotherapy on her rib. Recovery was good until 18 months ago when severe pain started in her lower back.

This coincided with covid and oncologist wasn't concerned.

From a recent CT scan in sept oncologist confirmed everything was fine. After discussing the pain she had in her ribs, he looked again and confirmed there was a fracture. After experiencing more pain in the following weeks, she phoned again. He re-looked at her CT with a radiologist and this time confirmed that it was indeed the cancer and it had spread.

Looking for some advice on treatment options to manage the pain and hopefully prolong a good quality of life.

Any recommendations/specialists/private consultants/clinical trials greatly welcome.

thanks a lot 

  • Tbh I don’t know how they could miss that…my partner has bone mets from prostate cancer and we are hoping if it get any worse he will be able to get radiotherapy which they say can help. Palliative care team are experts in all kinds of pain so they would be my first stop. 
    wishing you all the very best… xx