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my husband is on Pregabalin and Longtec Oxycodone twice a day. With top ups of liquid Oxycodone every two hours if needed. 

He was originally on morphine ended up overdosing because it was too much too soon, then onto the Oxy. 
Now we seem to be having issues with him staying awake for anything more than half an hour, he can sleep the whole day and is feeling drowsy and unable to function. 

Is this normal? What are other people experiencing with these meds? 

He has stage 4 lung which has spread to nearly all his bones. 

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    Feeling sleepy all the time must be very frustrating for both you and your husband. Have you or your husband told his cancer nurse how these drugs are affecting him? They may be able to adjust the medication so that he's less sleepy.

    I've had a look in the group to see if anyone else is taking the drugs you mention and found that has recently been prescribed pregabalin and has taken oxycodone in the past. I'm hoping that by tagging them they'll see this post and come and tell you about their experience with these drugs.


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  • Hi 

    I have just started on Pregabalin 50mg morning and night and I’m on 30 mg Longtec day and night as well. I’ve been on Longtec and naproxen for over a year so I’ve cut out the naproxen (my pain person told me to). I have shortec and paracetamol as break through pain relief to take if I need it. So far I’m having difficulty staying awake and one minute I can be fine and the next I’m really drowsy and just can’t stay awake. I’m going to try 15mg of Pregabalin in morning and 50mg at night to see if that makes any difference. Hope that helps?

    Jo xx

    Jo x