First time low haemoglobin

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Hi- can anyone give me any experiences of low haemoglobin? First time after a year on meds that this blood is low so I need a transfusion tomorrow morning which I’m freaking out about. Why does this happen? If it’s happened once, will it keep on happening? Is there anything I can do/eat to help in future?


Jo xx

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    Sorry nobody responded, and by now you have had the transfusion and hopefully are feeling better. I hope you asked the nurses about the likelihood of future low haemoglobin and their suggestions. Obviously the drugs can lead to it, but diet does have a part to play in protecting haemoglobin levels - leafy greens, porridge, meat and fish, tofu,dried fruits, nuts and seeds and high percentage dark chocolate ( so its not all bad!) Hope all has gone well


  • Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes had it and all fine. I did ask nurses but they just say it’s one of those things when your on chemo. I feel like no one helps when I ask at the hospital. No one even talked about diet or why it’s suddenly low. I’m not feeling particularly hungry just now which may not be helping but GP tested iron and that was satisfactory but my thyroid was low. I just don’t understand. I had a fill in oncologist as mine is off on leave too who I found very difficult to understand. I literally feel like I’m doing this on my own apart from forums like this one. I’m researching everything as no one on my team will explain things.

    Thanks Jo xx

    Jo x
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    It is hard when you feel no one is helping with info. Have you tried the "ask an expert" on this forum?