Anyone on Palbociclib & Fulvestrant regime with Denosumab?

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I have been on Palbociclib & Fulvestrant for about 10 months with no really major side effects until about 6 /8 weeks ago.

I'm wondering if anyone on the above treatment has had extremely dry skin especially face, hands and feet and the rest of me. My fingernails are so soft that even when kept very, very short keep break on the sides below the nail bed.

I have tried the creams that worked when I had chemo and radiotherapy, but they don't seem to work now. I never had a problem with my nails like this before, I lost some toenails during chemo which surprisingly never bothered me. To be honest I'm not sure how to prevent my nails breaking other than to use a polish or maybe superglue.

Unfortunatly I only a walk-in shower so soaking in a bath full of oil is not an option.

  • Hi Canshe, I’m on the same treatment now for just over a year but I’m on Letrozole instead of fulvest and I have zoladex injections too. I’ve had really dry skin for the last 5 weeks or so- kind of came out of blue- I’m trying to figure things out too! I got oilatum from my GP- yes you can put in bath but it says you can also use small amounts on wet skin. I’m trying different creams and oils and I find the oils are a little better- I’ve tried the palmers coco oil but also aloe Vera gel. I’ve only started trying to resolve this so I’m not sure but my skin is dry and so tight all over my body- even my scalp is flaky! When I take clothes off they are white inside. It feels horrible. Even when I do put anything on, it works for like a couple of hours at most and it’s as if my skin sucks it all in and then becomes dry again! I’m at a bit of a loss too and with hot flushes, I feel sweaty too as I’ve put so much stuff on skin! 

    Jo x
  • Thanks Jo, trying to figure out what works is so difficult. Same as you I have tried the usual things that worked during chemo and 2 creams from the GP so far nothing is hitting that continual dry/tight feeling.Maybe the central heating or being indoors so much that's making my skin worse.I actually have a face to face with my consultant this week (first in about 7 months). So fingers crossed someone may be able to help about the dryness and my flakey nails. Will let you know how it goes. Maybe we can figure this out between us lol

    Sheila x

  • Hello Canshe. Just wondering how you got on with Palbociclib I have just started this drug and was wondering when the side effects kick in.Thanks

  • Hiya, I'm on letrozole, palbociclib and denosumab. I've had eczema and dry skin since childhood and find the following products work best. E45 bath oil or shower cream, vaseline intensive care unperfumed for body, Cerave for face. Avoid perfumes and fragrance. Products with aqua and glycerine as the first 2 ingredients are good for example Neutrogena. Hope this helps x

  • Hi Yorky. Thanks for the info. I have creams for the skin from the GP but shower lotions/creams have been a bit of hit and miss affair so am very grateful for the advice.Especially the aqua and glycerine in a product. First time in my life having such dry flaky skin lol. Now I;m having another kind skin problem on one hand, so back to see the GP 'sigh'. Hope your treatment is going well? x

  • Hi Booblou, sorry for not replying earlier (like 10 months ago) but I just forgot about my post and must have missed the flag from the online community. I really hope your treatment is working well and you have not had too many problems.Let me know how you are doing Best wishes x

  • I start this regime next week, just wondering if you can advise me on products that have helped you, I hope you are well on the treatment, thinking I’ll start now might be helpful, I have wondered about taking omegas as a supplement