Cancer or pulled muscle

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Hi all.. I have not been on here for a while as for a good few months my husbands cancer has been more stable with Cyberknife treatment to his liver being very effective and immunotherapy doing the job for his bone mets (primary cancer ocular melanoma) and I needed some ‘Normal’ time away from all the madness (sorry).. but almost a year to the day after his confirmed diagnosis of bone mets he has started to experience pain in his arm. This is extremely similar to last year except it was the other arm.  As with a year ago (which did turn out to be pain from cancer) my husband believes he has pulled a muscle and it’s not cancer related so much so he doesn’t want to tell his oncologist on his call next week.. I know perhaps I shouldn’t be so negative but I can’t help think this is to familiar and if he says nothing it could lead to more growth and more spread. I really hope it is nothing as, if it is cancer it means his treatment has stopped working and there are no other options but radiotherapy in a palliative manner  .. So how do you know if it’s just normal every day pain or if it’s the dreaded disease... answers on a post card :-( 

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    I'm sorry to hear how worried you are that your husband's cancer may have come back. It's perfectly normal to worry about it and it's something that's never far away from the thoughts of most of us who have had cancer as well.

    The only way to put your mind at rest is for your husband to tell his oncologist about these new symptoms when he speaks to him next week. Your husband is probably scared too and possibly doesn't want to tell the oncologist because he's frightened what it might mean.

    I can see that you're a member of the carers group and I'm sure if you posted there you'll find others in the same situation as yourself. You could also look for tips on how they manage to coax their partners into talking to their hospital team about new symptoms.

    Sending a ((hug))

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  • Thank you for your response. You are right, today he admitted to not wanting to think it could be cancer as he doesn’t want to be sick and he can’t deal with the thought that he could be. However, he did tell his oncologist today who tried to reassure us that it could be muscular but he is due for his next round of scans so now the wait starts for the scan and then the results! Praying for good news as anything other would mean his treatment is not working and there are no other options for him.. trying to remain positive but I will be prepared to face what ever those results may be! 

    thanks again x

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  • I'm glad to hear that your husband did chat to his oncologist about his symptoms .

    I'll be keeping everything crossed that it is just muscular.


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