Not removing breast tumour yet.

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Hi all- I was wondering if anyone could shed some light or advice. I have secondary breast cancer in the bones but my oncologist isn’t keen to remove the primary breast tumour just now as she says it’s a marker if I feel it changing that something is wrong. She did say it was my choice whether to have it removed or not if I felt strongly about it. I’ve never even been in hospital before and it scares me. I’m half and half- where I’d rather not have surgery but I’m also getting tired of carrying this thing around with me- it doesn’t cause me too much pain but I can feel it nipping every so often. Also does it do harm to leave it in? If it was out does it mean the treatment could concentrate more on other areas? I know that may sound silly!  I’m 38 and was diagnosed about 8 months ago first time diagnosis. Can it still spread if it’s left in? It has shrunk slightly on treatment but is still pretty large now measuring 3.8cm having previously been 5cm. Any advice would be appreciated thanks as I’m a bit lost as to what to do for the best! I posted this in secondary breast cancer group too as wasn’t sure where to post.

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    Hey jo

    Sorry that you feel lost of what to do. Im 33 years ols and was diagnosed 32. I have never been offered removal of my lump. It sometimes gets painful wheb ny zoladex is due but oher than that no. My oncologost has never mentioned removing my lump i have inverted nipple too. My belief is that they want focus on management of trearment ny cases managing pain and making sure doesn't spread further than already is. I hope it does much love ans hugs xxxx