Kyroplasty/spinal surgery

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Hey all

Hope you are well when I got d in June last year was breast cancer spread to bones spine skull one other issue I've had is crushed vertebrae eaten away by cancerm its graduslly got worse though on morphine. So  she referred  medical oncologist who said we could do radiotherapy but sisnt thinks would do much and she emailed surgeon who wanted MRI scan. Anyway fast forward to today and now I'm waiting for my procedure of kyroplasty on Wednesday in which I'm having my procedure of kyroplasty injecting cement through needle guided by xray andnim under sedation..I mist wondered anyone else and it done before and there experiences much love xxx

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    First of all don’t worry about the procedure it looks and sounds quite dangerous and I’m sure they are careful, my surgeon reassured me so much that I was very relaxed when I had my kyphoplasty op, I was having 3 vertebrae cemented so he suggested a general anaesthetic and then off to sleep I went and woke up in recovery and stayed there for a while and was given morphine for pain relief and was taken up to a ward where I realised for the first time in a very long time that I could take a deep breath! I couldn’t believe it! It has actually changed my life! My back is curved because of the spinal fractures and my lungs were becoming trapped under my ribs so having the op has straightened me enough to release them and although some people said I looked straighter I couldn’t see it but the fact I could breathe was enough for me, I felt so energised and if the surgeon had come to see me I would of kissed him but I told him afterwards in clinic, I was home by tea time and I woke the next day needing a hand to get out of bed as the pain had kicked in and felt quite stiff but I managed that with my own pain relief and after a couple of days I was fine. I do hope you have the same positive experience that I have, I have another 3 that need doing but I didn’t have any pain till now so I will hopefully get them sorted this year. 

    Much love Jo xxx