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Has anyone done an immunotherapy trial along with carpolatin chemo?

The drug is called Bevacizumab. 

My doctor and macmillan nurse have used the words hopefully and optimistic but I still feel helpless and lost. 

My original tumour is now gone completely and its so frustrating that they just didn't get it all in time and now I feel like I'm on a ticking clock. 


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    Hi, where about is your tumour? 
    I read about immunotherapy when I was diagnosed again but was never offered it, but I would jump at the chance to have it. As with chemo and radiation they can target cancer cells but it’s not 100% whereas immunotherapy can target and kill off a cancer cell. I’m sure you have read about it. 

    I think most of us on here feel like we are on a ticking clock, but it’s how you think about it that makes the difference, I had a stage 2 er positive tumour back in 2012 and my surgeon was jumping with joy after my lumpectomy as they got it all and it hadn’t spread into my nodes, I had 6 rounds of chemo as a precaution and a month of radiotherapy I was 43 at the time and then 5yrs later with metastasis in my spine.
    I was angry that it was me again and that I had gone through all of that “ just incase “ treatment for it to come back. I just think now it’s just one of those things, I can’t change it but I’m gonna deal with this in a positive way, sure I had my days where I felt so low all I did was cry but I soon got my fighting spirit back and I’m on treatment and I’ve just had my scan results back and my cancer is all stable so I’m happy. 

    I think your feeling angry and frustrated at the minute, how is your chemo going? Ive not heard of that one, are you in the U.K.? As some countries have different names for the same drugs. I’ve been on one other before the one I’m on now and that was called palbociclib, I’m on capcitebine now and it’s working for me. Write down all of your questions, worries and fears and speak to your oncologist and get some answers. Also you can call your  Macmillan nurse and ask for her to come see you at home and have a good chat with her, get rid of some of that anxiety as it eats away at you.

    Hope you get some answers

    Jo xxx 

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    Hi Jo, 

    Thank you for replying I am very angry. But I know I will fight with everything I have. I'm not on any treatment yet (yes I'm from the UK). 

    My history is 14 month ago I was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical adenocarcinoma. This was treated with cheno/radiotherapy and brachytherapy. They sent me for a Pet scan as they saw something on the cervix on my last mri scan. The Pet scan came back that my cervix is clear but there is 'activity' on my spine and one of my ribs. They say its metastased and not a new cancer. 

    This immunotherapy from what I have read and been told is working well is other cancers and this is it now being trialled for cervical. 

    I think I just need time to process the news and go for this treatment as they said that just having chemo won't cure it and it will return where as this (without getting my hopes up) has potential and my consultant used the word hopeful. My macmillan nurse is optimistic aswell. 

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    Yeah I’ve read that the immunotherapy has very good results so even though it’s a trial for you and on cervical, it has to be worth trying hasn’t it?

    I turned my anger into determination and I do feel it’s mind over matter when it comes to fighting this god awful disease, I’m thinking as positive as I can and even when I have been poorly ( in hospital with pneumonia) I seem to find my sense of humour.

    I hope you find what works for you and please call the Macmillan team when you need help they have been brilliant for me, even got me in touch with occupational health who can supply you with things to make life easier... my other half is constantly pinching my recliner chair when my back is turned hahaha,  keep in touch, for a chat, advice or support. We are always here xx