Primary cancer in stomach. Secondary cancer in spine and pelvis

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Hi everyone, 

Its been a while since I last posted. Brief history - Mum diagnosed with stomach cancer December 2018, partial removal of stomach, gall bladder and proportion of small intestine Jan 2019. Cancer found to of spread to pelvis and spine. 6 rounds of EOX chemo finishing in August 2019. All cancer responded well to treatment (stomach area clear, bone mets still present and we've been told these will never go away). She's currently on no medication. 

I didn't attend my Mums first follow up oncology appointment but I've always been surprised so didn't get a prescription of any medication home with her. We have a follow up review with the oncology department on Tuesday and just wanted to arm myself with some knowledge as "knowledge is power"

I'm looking to hear from other people who have stomach cancer which has spread to their bones and to see if they are on any further chemotherapy/other tablets for the bone mets specifically?  

Thanks, C.