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My tumour markers have fallen by 93% to 71.  My consultant is not sure if its the Exemestane or the Palociclib. I am no longer able to get the get the Palbociclib privately and am awaiting on the NHS funding appeal.   So now I stay on the Exemestane and Denosumab  and am being scanned every three months,  the consultant is happy with my current health but I am feeling very low. I just cant seem to pi k myself up.  I find it hard facing the future knowing what is coming.   I just find it all so hard and I lash out verbally at those closest to me without really meaning to.  I wish I  could snap out of it and enjoy my life instead of grieving for the loss if it.

  • Hello , I read you words “I wish I could snap out of it and enjoy my life instead of grieving for the loss of it”,  and your words in express yourself so eloquently put. This group seems very quiet at the moment (I don’t have this type of cancer and pocked my nose in  due to spotting the unanswered posts). When I was diagnosed as incurable with metastatic melanoma, I had a period of finding it very hard to come to terms with my diagnosis, I joined the Macmillan site not necessarily to post as I’m a quiet person but to just read how other people manage. I had no primary so the chatter in the melanoma group didn’t help as I seemed to have nothing in common, but I saw the living with incurable cancer group, with the groups description of  

    This group is specifically for people with an incurable or terminal diagnosis. Whether you need to talk about dying, or about making the most of your life, you can discuss your feelings openly here”

    and I actually found it comforting to read and compelling to join in and give support and to just reach out myself when I need help. I wondered if that group might be just something that would help you if you were still needing support. 

    I thought I’d give you the link to ignore or to click on and introduce yourself. I know they will want to suggest that you complete a few details in your profile so I’m preempting that to give you a link on how to do that. 

    I don’t post in there at the moment as although I am still on treatment, my scans are currently no measurable disease and I appreciate how odd that sounds to some and what emotions that raises. Here are the promised links.



    Best wishes

    Take care KT