Breast cancer/ secondary bone cancer

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Hi there everyone, I’ve got secondary bone cancer that’s came from my breast and  I’m on Ibrance and zoledronic acid infusion for my bones, although I seem to be doing well on said drugs I’m constantly fatigued and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to boost my energy levels, at the moment I’m not at work but would like to go back soon if only I could get on top of the tiredness, all suggestions welcome, I eat a varied healthy diet with as much fruit and veg as I can manage, thank you in anticipation, Cathy G 

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    I gave up work just before I was diagnosed so didnt have to make the decision  to go back to work. Maybe if tiredness is affecting you perhaps you could with your employers consent got back on reduced hours.  The tiredness is hard and I dont really have any advice to give you on that. I just rest when I feel the need and basically listen to my body.  Your employer should be able to make some concessions for your condition. Wishing you all the best.


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    Thanks Ellie for replying, I’m going into work next week for a meeting with HR so I’ll bring to their attention the problems I could possibly have when I’m back, hopefully they’ll be considerate of my condition, thanks again, Cathy G

  • Hi Bay City Roller,

    I was diagnosed in April with secondary cancer that has spread from my Breast with spots in my spine and hip.  I am still trying to come to terms with it myself and am finding it hard.  I find it quite helpful to post on here as there are some lovely people who actually know what you are going through. I have not been offered a mastectomy yet and am still trying to get my head around all the jargon.  I am on Letresol and Ribociclib (Ribo) and they want to start to give Zolendronc injections by drip within the next month.  The wait to see if the tablets are working are a very anxious and stressful so I need to wait another 2 months before my next scan and then wait for the results to see if for now it is working I have just turned 50.

    My Oncologist has given me a certificate to cover me for a couple of months to say I would benefit from lighter duties.  I work full time and at the moment whilst my partner and family have been superb, work is my escape. My workplace really could not be more supportive they have let me have all the time off for my appointments and have said that if I am in and feel tired out of sorts then to just go home my manager takes time to check I am ok without being obtrusive or over the top and I know they are sincere.  The condition we have is covered under the DDA and your HR department should recognise that.  Good luck