Mets to skull

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Hi everyone so after discovered I have mets to the spine and beginning lanreotide I have now been told it’s gone to the skull. I had a small lump for a few months but there are about three sore areaRolling eyesnow and I get really bad headaches. I feel very scared and anxious. My oncologist is asking advice from Nottingham and the royal free in London. I’m happy to hear he’s checking but does that mean heRolling eyesoesn’t know how to proceed? Rolling eyes

  • Hi Lindasue, Sorry to hear about the spread of this horrible cancer. My metastaic is in the spine too and many other bones. I am waiting results on my CT scan to see if its spread and my anxiety levels are throught the roof so we are on the same page. As for your oncologist asking other hospitals for advice is great news. The fact that they have reached out to others who may know more about this problem is good news.They are obviously on the ball. My oncologist reached out to another hospital on my account and i got the treatment i needed. I dont think they dont know how to proceed, theyis making sure you get the best of treatments so well done them. Wishing you all the best Dawn x

    1. Thank you Dawn. Best wishes for your results to be a healthier you. It’s the waiting I think which causes so much anxiety, I’m struggling to sleep which I think is a constant battle with us all. SenTwo heartsng hugs Two hearts