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Hello everyone, I would absolutely appreciate any help anyone can give me. My grandfather passed away from bone cancer several years ago. I am not a stranger to losing loved ones to this disease. I have a friend who seems to be going through the exact same thing. I would appreciate anybody who has officially been diagnosed with this or similar to please reach out to me. I have some questions. Though she hasn't been officially diagnosed with anything, all signs point to it. Including the extremely low white blood cell count. She is very stubborn and her doctor is terrible. Please I am begging anyone to reach out and help with some questions.

Thank you all in advance 

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    I'm very sorry to read that your grandfather passed away from bone cancer so it's natural to be very worried for your friend if you think she has the same symptoms.

    I didn't have this type of cancer but I noticed that no one had responded to your post yet. Probably the best thing to do is to start a new post asking the questions that you have and then if a group member has experience with what you are asking about, they will come forward to share their experience with you.

    I hope that when your friend's doctor has finished the various tests, her results will point to a benign condition.

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  • Hi Buckethead, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to help but I was diagnosed with a Chondrosarcoma six weeks ago, over 12 months since first seeing my GP with a persistent cough, fatigue, shortness of breath and an enlarged lump on my ribs. I’m awaiting confirmation that I will be having surgery at Royal Brompton between 23-25 August to remove the sarcoma and surrounding ribs, to be replaced with mesh. They’re hopeful no other treatment will be required. 
    If relevant to your friend’s situation, please feel free to ask any questions you have and I’ll be happy to help.