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Daughter has now  completed her treatment and had her right humerus replaced. Got the confirmation of cancer free but still so worried about recurrence. Now trying to get used to her new arm and how she will be impacted. Anyone else had a whole bone replaced? We are still so numb and scared to be hopeful.  Would love to hear from anyone who has got used to their new arm and how they transitioned into the new normal. 

  • Hello KJ74 

    I'm so pleased for you that your daughter's arm is now cancer free.

    I don't have any experience to share but I just wanted to reach out to you.

    There are some amazing people on this forum who will be able to reassure you and offer their support. Just be patient x

    Big hugs to you both.


  • Hi kj74 

    Mu 8 year old son has just been diagnosed with ewings sarcoma in his right humorous. I'm lost and terrified and wonder if you could fill me in on all the treatment your daughter received and how is she now? 

  • Im so sorry to hear about your son. I hope you have got some support at home. Mia had 14 rounds of vdc/ie and 6 weeks of radiotherapy. It took about a year all in all after some infections etc. She had her surgery at round 9 amd then had the rest of the chemo once she had the op to take out the tumour. Luckily we had 99% clear margins and the tumour hadnt spread so its looking as good as it can. They took out her whole humerus but the original plan was just to take a section out so be prepared for things to change from the plan. In reality we lived from week to week and it waa more about keeping her healthy enohgh to do the chemo for the next round. We spent a lot of time in isolation so having a switch or ipad is a must. Time goes differently in hospital for kids! And most of all you will need to look after yourself. Im a single parent so if you have a partner try and take it in turns so you can get some rest. And when emotional support is offered take it! Try and get some help with dla forms and ask for a blue badge . I didnt realise we would need a wheelchair so much at the start and we have only kust stopped using it. X