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Hi just to say I am new to this group, and new to cancer, just been diagnosed with bone cancer in three places. I don’t understand what this means yet but chemotherapy starts on the 26 of this month, and I am not really sure about anything at the moment,.But hello here I am . 

  • Hi there, not been on here for a few months and just spotted your post and was wondering how things are going ,Dave

  • Hey Clearasred, how you keeping? Hope the chemotherapy is / has gone well. Just wanted to say hi.

  • Hi there hope your well. I am new too here. Diagnosed with bone cancer. Very confused I must say. But hey we are here now and let's make this fun and not sad

  • Hi Nuttie, How are things? Getting a diagnosis of bone cancer can be overwhelming to say the least! I hope things are becoming clearer. I am sure you are being given lots of information by your team. Make sure there is someone with you when you go for clinic appointments. They can be there for support and also write down all the important information. Have you contacted the Bone Cancer Reserach Trust? They are an invaluable resource, I have contacted the support line previously to get advice ; Make sure you take of yourself, I found focusing on sport helped to take my mind off things and when my favourite teams were doing well; it certainly managed to lift my mood.