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Hi all just wanting to read other people story’s and feeling as about to go for my turbt on Wednesday hospital found a 2 3 cm tumour in my bladder 3 weeks ago am happy with how quick they are dealing with it but it’s a bit scary 

  • Hi  and welcome to this friendly and supportive group, although sorry you find yourself here. We know how worrying the early days of not knowing and uncertainty can be, but be aware, bladder cancer can be treated successfully and many of us have been there. Good to know you have a date for your TURBT. It is a fairly straightforward procedure and all being well, you will be out the same day, but just prepare for an overnight in case you go down late. I am sure you will have many questions, so feel free to ask anything. Lots of experiences here. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you Rily

    just trying to learn what I can when I had my flexi thing I was shocked that there was even a tumour there I did notice on the screen that apart from the tumour there was like 3 little blisters as well but in my pre op the nurse did know anything about them so guessing they are nothing to worry about 

  • Hi  . When you have your op, the offending looking cells will be scraped away and biopsies sent for analysis. The results then determine the next step. You will probably wake up with a catheter but this is usually removed once your pee runs clear. The thing to look forward to is a cup of tea and toast when you come round. Lovely after fasting for 24 hours. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Mandymay,Welcome to our friendly group.I hope your Turbt goes well.We are all here to support and help you through.It’s best to take it a step at a time else it all gets a bit overwhelming.It’s easier to cope with once you get your results and get a treatment plan.Love Jane 

  • Cheers Jane that’s what I’m trying to do just want this tumour out then face any other stuff one stage at a time it all seems to be moving fast so that’s a good thing 

  • it is easier that way and if you have any questions or worries there is a lot of experience on here so do ask.We are all at different stages but there is usually someone who can answer.It’s good things are moving fast you will be that step nearer to getting removal and treatment.Love Jane 

  • Hi Mandymay,

    Welcome to the group and sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

    Best of luck for Wednesday and glad everything is moving quickly for you.

    Please keep us posted with how you got on. It's a very scary time for sure.

    Lot's of people on here have had TURBTs, so any questions please fire away..


  • Thanks Trevor it seems quite str8 forward as far as I read on the paper work very similar to the flexi scope that I had the other week except they are taking the tumour away if I have read it right and I didn’t get any bad side effects from that not even any bleeding will keep you all undated how it goes and thanks all it’s helping reading your posts

  • Welcome Mandymay, you will find lots of friendly folk on this group who offer great information and support, don't know if anyone has said but please try not to use google as it can be overwhelming as I found out. Wishing you well. Love Lynn x

  • Thanks granny m I did start my search on there and soon came off as could not understand half of what was put on I’m just trying to look at one stage at a time get the turbt done then see what happens after that from what my specialist nurse said on Wednesday for my pre op they are taking the tumour away and putting chemo st8 in my bladder for a hour then flushing it and if not to much bleeding I can come home so that’s what I’m aiming for fingers crossed