Todays phone appointment

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Morning all, 

just had my phone appointment. It was from the kidney team (wasn’t expecting it) the scan I had a couple of months ago has shown a 1.6 cm abnormal growth which has a blood flow to it. The lady has told me that because it is under 2cm they cannot do a biopsy to determine what it is. They cannot rule out cancer but are giving me another scan in September to keep an eye on it. She told me not to worry..

in my first TURBT report the notes stat that I have a benign growth on the kidney. I’m hoping they are right. 
I feel a bit down now.


  • Just listened back and she said anything under 4cm they don’t get excited about… going to try and stay positive 

  • Hi Nigel, I can understand how you are feeling. That conversation was unexpected and must have taken you aback. It sounds like you recorded the conversation which is a great idea because we often forget. Listening back to it seems to have eased the worry a little and hopefully you can stay positive and have a lovely weekend. 

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Angela, there was a lot of it could be this or that but it’s to small to do a biopsy. 
    it’s hard not to worry. 


  • Hi Nigel,It must be a shock as you weren’t expecting it.It’s good that it’s being monitored and hopefully it will be ok.Love Jane x

  • Sorry to see your phone appointment wasn't what you expected Nigel really hope it turns out to be benign. Keep thinking positive I know its easier said than done be kind to yourself. Love Lynn x

  • Hi Nigel 

    good to hear from you sorry to read you’ve had some news you wasn’t expecting but I suppose the main thing is your aware of it and they are so moving forward you can bring it up at your appointments with them just for peace of mind if nothing else 


  • Thank you everyone, I joined the kidney cancer group and was told it was so small that I shouldn’t worry about it.. the nurse who rang me said the same. CT scan in September. 
    feeling much better… 

    I’ve still got my appointment on Tuesday with the urology team. 

  • Enjoy your weekend Nigel, these forums are priceless arent they. Really chuffed for you

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Nigel,I’m glad you are feeling better since you joined the kidney group.Best wishes for Tuesday.Love Jane x

  • Thank you Angela and Jane, I honestly think that if it wasn’t for you guys I would be a complete mess. And so would my wife. So a big thank you from both of us..