Concerned wife.

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Hubby has bladder cancer, he’s really level headed about it. I, on the other hand (his wife) am struggling. He has to see the oncologist next week to start 4 rounds of chemo,.  
what he is expecting is a radical cystectomy.
Any advice would be welcomed.

  • Hello isthisforreal ,

    welcome to the group. I personally cannot give you any advice but there are some lovely people who will be able to. 
    im being treated for BC and I think it’s worse for my wife. Stick to this group and you will get loads of support. 

    positive thoughts for you and your family.


  • Hi Nigel, 

    thankyou for replying 

    positive thoughts for you and your family also.

  • Hi  and a welcome from me. We understand how loved ones are just as affected with a cancer diagnosis as the person themselves. I had 6 weeks of neoadjuvant chemo and tolerated it quite well without any side effects. The usual drugs used for BC are gemcitabine and Cisplatin (Gem/Cis) or similar. Not as bad as some drugs used for other cancers. I went a different route to removal but many here have had RC and will be able to help with that if it comes to it. Lots of varying experiences here so feel free to ask any questions. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Riley, 

    thanks for replying and the information you have given. 
    I will also pass this on to my husband.

    Hopefully once we have the treatment plan we will be able to read more information. 

    best wishes to you as well 

  • Just wanted to say welcome to you I’m still only a few month in myself and still a bit new to a lot of this myself but wanted to Back up what others have said in Reply there is a vast array of knowledge and experience within the forum any question's you ask will be met with a informed  and supportive Reply


  • Hi Isthisforreal,Welcome to the group.There is advice and support for you and your husband here.A few of us have gone through bladder removal so can help if your husband has to have this.It is all a bit overwhelming getting a diagnosis but people do tend to feel better once they have a treatment plan.Best wishes for the oncology appointment.Jane 

  • You are in the right place for support, not had a RC myself, but plenty on here have.

  • Hi Jane, many thanks for your reply.

    my husband has his first oncology appointment tomorrow, so hopefully will get a treatment plan. 

  • Hi Leo, 

    many thanks for reply. 
    best wishes to you

  • I hope all goes well tomorrow.Love Jane x