Good evening all

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Evening all, I hope everyone has had a nice weekend. 
I started my healthy eating plan this week, it was going so well until yesterday. Jam roly poly with custard and a big bag of haribos have put a spanner in the works. 
apologies in advance if I ramble on a bit this week. TURBT #2 on Wednesday. 
sending you all positive thoughts..


  • Your allowed a treat Nigel my Nan used to make jam roly poly from scratch one of my best memories from being a lad is going to her house on a Sunday for dinner she would of been 86 this year only not been with us for two years she was some cook from Northern Ireland she was a great woman 

  • It was nice Wel, 

    memories I have of my grandparents was going around to their house and having seafood from the stall outside the local pub, and me having a sip of grandads stout… happy days 

  • Evening Nigel,

    Not had jam Roly poly for many a year's, sounds good though.

    I'm a sweet fan, not chocolate but sometimes get through a bag of Haribo etc. Although Jelly Fruit's are my favourite.

    Changing your diet is tough, so don't beat yourself up, I think the occasional treat is a good thing overall. Otherwise you'll just quit.

    No need to apologise, waffle on as much as you want. Best of luck in advance for TURBT number 2, but sure it will go well.

    Take care.


  • Cheers Trevor, 

    just got on the scales and I’ve lost a couple of pounds this week.. am feeling a bit nervous about the TURBT.  the “what ifs” are starting to creep back into my thought process… but I’m sure it’s gonna be ok.

  • Congrats on losing those two pounds. I find losing weight very hard. 

    I need to move more and eat less,  but seem to have that in reverse at the moment. I now work from home full time so need to be more disciplined.

    I found I recovered better on TURBT number 2, I wasn't knocked out for as long as the tumour was already removed.

    I did have to stay overnight again though, which I didn't mind too much.

    The worst part was the catheter, which they left in for about 7 hours, as soon as that was removes I was up and about. I guess they kept it in to help clear and monitor.

    Of course it's always worrying going in for a procedure,. Although I've been knocked out quite a few time's now with a biopsy every three months or so and I'm no longer really worried now. I suffer from anxiety and I'm more worried about the drive to the hospital and being late etc than the procedure now.

    Best of luck.


  • Cheers Trevor, the weight loss for me is more about portion size more than anything. 
    off to get the cab cleaned…

  • Hi Nigel, the very best of luck for tomorrow. The “what ifs “ are tough when they start, it makes you feel so anxious I know. We are all here with you, and will be thinking about you.

    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • Good like tomorrow Nigel hope all goes well. Lynn x

  • Hi Nigel,I hope all goes well tomorrow.Love Jane x

  • Thanks everyone, got to be at the hospital for 12 tomorrow…

    im having a pre match meal tonight. A few chicken wings and chips… diet on hold for now..