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Evening all, firstly, I love this forum, loads of positivity and encouragement. 

TURBT #2 is booked for next Wednesday. I feel ok. I’m eating healthy and walking now and again. 


  • Hi Nigel,

    Great news you have a date for the 2nd TURBT. Also really good to hear you're feeling well.

    Although sorry to hear that you've not been walking before, was this connected to the first TURBT?

    Anyhow it's good to hear things are the mend.

    Just to also add this forum is amazing, played a major part of my processing what was going on in the early days.

    Keep us posted.

    Take care.


  • Hi Trevor, the walking was due to laziness to be honest. I’ve completely lost all my fitness. But I WILL get back to being fit again. If we didn’t have this forum I would be a complete mess. My anxiety would be through the roof. And it’s great to read people’s journeys. It gives me massive hope. 


  •  . hi Nigel. Always good to have a firm date. The follow up i generally a lot easier than the first. I hope all goes well and you are home the same day. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Nigel,

    Completely understand regarding the being motivated, sorry I miss understood thought it was something medical.

    I was also a big fitness fan, loved the gym/running as this helped massively with my anxiety issues even before being diagnosed.

    I have been getting back into exercise, but with so many procedure's early days and being told to take it easy, it's easy to let things slip.

    Thankfully I'm now on 6 month treatment's with just the biopsies being three months I starting to feel myself again.

    Thinking back the first year was definitely intensive treatment wise (so far).

    Don't feel guilty about feeling lazy ( sure you're not), this is hard mentally and physically.


  • As always, thank you all. 

  • Good luck on Wednesday hope all goes well. Lynn x

  • Hi Nigel, very best of luck for wednesday.
    I totally agree this forum is awesome, full of the best of us. Kindhearted people going through a pile of poop , helping each other along. I couldn't have done it without them.

    much love to you, keep us updated

    Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Nigel

    Hopefully the second TURBT will be a little bit more gentle on you as the surgeon will have less work to do. My second one has been easier to recover from and now I've go an appointment next Tuesday to discuss the start date for BCG therapy.

    Hope all goes well for you, sending best wishes and positivity your way. And yes, I love this forum too Heart️ 

    Ade xx

  • Thank you everyone.. I’ve taken an early day today. Just chilling at home… 

    I hope everyone is happy and positive