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Been told I have low grade bladder cancer and I will be having the 6 BCG procedures soon   Has anyone had this done?  I’m anxious, stressed and a bit scard!  They tell me not to worry that it doesn’t hurt But I can’t imagine!

Thank you.  Prayers for you all who have been affected by cancer.


  • I have had the six induction BCG treatments for high grade cancer, followed by three more maintenance  treatments (just finished this morning). The BCG is intended to trigger your natural immune system in the bladder to prevent additional tumours. It is placed into the bladder through a small catheter which takes only a few minutes. I have found the BCG treatments to cause much fatigue the rest of the week and chills and some burning/urgency especially on the day of treatments. Thankfully, these latter symptoms resolve in the following days although the urgency can persist for quite a few days. You probably already have been through one or more TURBTs with large catheter irrigation afterward. I found these procedures much more difficult than the BCG. Nevertheless, there are effects (side effects) of the BCG as well so be prepared to slow down and work your way through them (drink lots of water). The initial symptoms of BC, the shock of the diagnosis, and the procedures of diagnosis and treatment can easily overwhelm us (I am still struggling since this started for me from March to August of last year. Many if not most here in the forum very much understand what you are facing and feeling. It is not easy but there certainly is good reason to hope. Please take full advantage of the support and advice here and from close friends and family. Stay strong, my friend. 

  • The Bcg treatment is not too bad, it's over and done with quickly but as CND says you get after effects such as tiredness and burning, it feels like cystitis where you want to keep peeing for a good few hours afterwards but it settles down. I had number 15 yesterday, was feeling a bit emotional the week leading up to it as it has been going on for such a long time, started Nov 2022. Thankfully though I was clear of cancer all last year so it has been worth it and long may this continue. After having it you need to look after yourself, a few easy days, no stress rest and a few treats. That's was advice someone gave me on this forum and always remember her words. The breaks in between are great, I probably will not have my next set of 3 until sept/Oct as long as camera check in June is OK.

    You can do this!! 

  • Thank you CDN for your post.  I really appreciate your info.  I hope you are healing and in a good place.


  • Thank you so much Bumblebee.
    Your post was helpful and i appreciate it. You stay well and pray you are better and feeling good each day..

  • Hi ihtak, really good advice given byCDN and Bumblebee49. I have recently finished number 6 of BCG . On the day there is some urgency to pee and its a bit of a palaver with the bleaching the loo after each void for 6 hours. I found the hardest the fatigue for a few days. Its defo doable . You are among friends who will help you on here. Keep in touch

    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • Hello old boy Just echo what the previous have said I'm on number three tomorrow, time has flown by first one was mild flu like for 5 days second one was more uncomfortable in terms of flu symptoms and burning when passing urine but was over within 24 hours. I'm taking a never know what your going to get approach. Treatment itself IE the tube bit is ok, and over quickly. Try and face each one as it comes,  play where your feet are not where your heads at as my cricket coach always said

  • Love the cricket philosophy Andy, made me smile. Great advice

    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • That is a very helpful and informative response.

  • Hi Ihtak,

    Lot's of great information already given, but thought I'd say hi and welcome to this forum. Although sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

    The actual BCG process is pretty painless, just a bit of discomfort as the catheter is inserted.

    Thankfully it is removed again after a few minutes.

    The hardest part for me was after as I had a strong urgency to wee for about 24 hours which can be tiring. After my 12th instillation my bladder did become inflamed for a while, which created a bit of discomfort and urgency.

    People have different experiences of course, but I wish you all the best.

    Keep us posted on how things are going.

    Take care.