Very up and down today

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Been on edge for a couple of hours. I’ve just realised that I had a coffee earlier. My first one in over two months. This is why I gave up coffee, makes me very anxious. Even just one cup. 
got a stomach strain, think it was when I picked the dog up. Had 3 pints of water in a couple of hours, I’m weeing like a camel.. I hate feeling negative… all the what ifs are flooding through.

tomorrow will be a better day..


  • Sorry your feeling so anxious Nigel its perfectly normal I have very good days and some awful days filled with what ifs. But as you say tomorrow is another day and hopefully there will be less what ifs and more I can beat this. Oh and I changed to decaf coffee and tea maybe give it a try it seems to help me not having the caffeine. Love Lynn

  • Hi Nigel 

    I cut right down on my coffee before I was even diagnosed I have my one cup upon waking and then I have started drinking Red Bush Tea black with a slice of Lemon in it and I really quite enjoy it I myself have been through all these thoughts myself is this making things worse is that it’s early for both of us and everyone is different but as we have both found out there is a lot of people who are on here who have good knowledge all we can do is keep our cool best we can  I know it’s hard take one day at a time listen to our medical team and the people who offer guidance and use the information to guide us through hope you have a better day tomorrow pal 


  • Thank you very much lynn and Steve… tomorrow will be better


  • Hi Nigel, 

    Let's hope today is a better day for you.

    I've also given up- coffee and normal tea. I think I would be bouncing off the walls if I had one now as its been 17 Month's.

    I now drink herbal and fruit teas, which I do like. Although you can't really dunk your biscuit in them like proper tea.

    Weeing like a camel comment made me smile.. a while back it would have been three pints of beer in an hour, now we do it with water. Strange how things change.

    Anyhow hope you feel better today.

    Take care


  • I changed to decaf tea and coffee it definitely helps. Wink

  • Cheers Trevor and Dewdrop, 

    today has started very well. Had a good nights sleep, only got up once for the loo. I’ve had breakfast, showered and shaved, walked the dog for an hour or so. Just making a small packed lunch to bring to work. 
    drinking plenty of water certainly makes a difference to the pain when peeing. I’m gonna give the teas a try. Plus the de cafe coffee. 
    have a great day everyone