Feeling low today

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Hi all, 

feeling very low today, back pain and chest pain and my first thought is the cancer has spread, 

im trying to put on a brave face for my wife but today is a struggle. Come home from work early, 

cant concentrate on anything. What if they get rid of it and it comes back… it’s horrible feeling like this.

  • Hi Rob R , my heart goes out to you when the “what ifs” begin to torment and leave us feeling low. You are right it is a horrible feeling . I am a relatively new traveller on here and currently in treatment for high risk T1G3 non invasive BC. I understand how you are feeling and when I get those fears and down feelings, the lovely people on here are a godsend.  You are among friends to share, cry, rant whatever gets you through the bad and good times. Stay connected

    much love to you Angela xx

    Much love Angela x

  • Thank you Angela,

    I hope your treatment goes well. Yep this forum has been great. Mood is picking up a bit.

  • Are you in treatment at the moment Rob R ? You dont have to answer that by the way if its too personal and private. I would understand that.

    Much love Angela x

  • No Angela, only got diagnosed on Wednesday. I honestly thought they was gonna say you have a UTI. 
    when he showed me the Tv screen my heart dropped. Telling my Wife and family was horrible. I’m trying to be positive but it’s difficult.. I’m sure you know what I’m going through. 


  • Oh Nigel, No wonder you are feeling the way you do today. The shock is numbing when you are first told. Please keep in touch with the forum, you are among friends who have all been where you are. It will take time to absorb the information. I found the time between diagnosis and the treatment plan a real rollercoaster of anxiety. Once i plan was in place I did begin to calm. My experience is in my profile. 
    Hold tight Nigel, there are plenty on here that will support you and keep you steady through this time.

    much love Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Thank you Angela, I will do 

  • Hi again Nigel,Sorry you are feeling low.As Angela said it is numbing when you are first diagnosed.You will adjust to the diagnosis it just takes time.Keep posting we do all understand.Love Jane x

  • Thank you Angela and Jane, just had a small lunch. Brown rice chicken and prawns.. very bland but not sure what I can or should be eating. Thanks once again Nigel

  • Hi Rob R , have you been advised to change your diet ? I only ask because I have not changed a thing really apart from reducing my sugar intake because i am afraid of being diabetic. No one has mentioned diet because of the bladder cancer. Perhaps i should ask my CNS 
    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Angela, no nobody has advised me, but I used to eat so much processed food and junk food. I’ve cut out coffee and fizzy drinks and trying to eat healthier.. Nigel. 

    does anyone know if a diet change is in order.?