Waiting on date for TURBT op

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Hi I’m new here and quite anxious about this whole experience. I had an Cystoscopy end of January after losing a fair amount of blood in urine and with no UTI infection. Was told that I had suspicious lesions on bladder wall and would need a TURBT where biopsies would be taken and removal of lesions. The urologist handed me the MacMillan Bladder Cancer booklet and TURBT info leaflet before I left! I’ve had a lot of lower back pain and pelvic pain for some time now that seems to get worse every day. Now my bladder feels like it’s burning inside and causing a lot of unbearable pain in lower right abdomen. Also passing first urine in morning smells like strong ammonia I keep drinking water and cranberry juice but doesn’t seem to help. I’ve been for my pre-assessment appt today was given a prescription for antibiotics in case of infection and was told I’m high priority for the op as I’m high risk and just need to keep my phone with me as I’m likely to soon get a call. But my CT scans aren’t until end of next week and not sure I can cope with the pain and burning feeling inside. It’s not painful passing urine it’s the discomfort of urine in bladder and directly afterwards. Has anyone else had so much pain prior to having the TURBT? I’m just getting anxious as my mother had bladder cancer and kidney removed. 

It’s very hard to keep positive when you just don’t what your dealing with but I am finding reading some of the comments on this forum very helpful. I would be grateful for any advice you can give and thank you for reading this.

  • Hi  and welcome to the group although sorry to hear you are in so much discomfort. The pain you are feeling is not uncommon. I had severe lower back pain but was relieved after my first TURBT. Now you have had your pre op, your procedure should follow and you will feel a lot better afterwards. The op itself is fairly straightforward in the great scheme of things. Often done in day surgery, but prepare for an overnight. You will get no information at your CT scan as it takes a week or so to be analysed. Once you have had your TURBT and scan, the results will then determine the next step. Worrying times for you and we all understand, but be aware bladder cancer can be treated successfully. Lots of experience here to answer any questions you may have. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you Rily and best wishes to you too.

  • Hi Angelica23, welcome to the group.

    first off, I’m just wondering if the cranberry juice is making your symptoms worse, if you have suspected lesions in your bladder, cranberry juice is quite acidic. I know us girls have always been told about cranberry juice helping urine infections, but I think it depends on what’s actually the cause of the infection. Plus I think it can also interfere with some antibiotics working how they should.

    It maybe worth trying just plain water or something less acidic in your water, and see if things calm down a little.

    its all very scary and new at the moment, nothing worse than feeling out of control, take one step at a time, there’s lots of helpful folk on here anytime you have a wobble.

    best wishes

    Julia x

  • Robinson's Lemon Barley Water, diluted as per label, get through a bottle in 24 hours, was my old GP's instruction for early in onset of normal cystitis. It cured it. Less acidic due to the barley content I believe. [Not the "fruit and" but the proper stuff]. You might not need the volume but worth trying instead of the cranberry as per Judoo's thoughts..

  • Denby, I knew I’d read on here about the lemon barley, but I couldn’t remember who…. Thumbsup

  • You're welcome x

  • Thank you Julia I will certainly try that as it did cross my mind earlier whether it could be the cranberry juice that’s irritating the bladder.

  • Thank you Denby will be getting the lemon barley water juice asap certainly worth trying. 

  • Hi Angelica23,Welcome to the group.I was a long term sufferer of Interstitial cystitis prior to bladder cancer.I would cut out the Cranberry juice as it’s far too acidic on a painful bladder.I found drinking pear juice helped.It’s worth keeping a food diary as certain foods can cause more irritation.I cut out tomoatoes,onions and anything citrus or spicy as they caused the most pain.Like you I got more pain as the bladder refilled.I hope you don’t have to wait too long for your TURBT.Love Jane x

  • Thank you Jane for the advice and you’re probably right about acidic foods I will also be bearing that in mind.