Neobladder female uti symptoms

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Hi neobladder ladies 

I’m just wondering what and if you’ve had a uti in your neo and what symptoms you’ve had. I’ve had a couple myself with cloudy urine and a pain in my right side/back near kidneys. 
The last couple of days I’ve been getting the sensation I need to void. Sometimes I empty a lot then just a dribble and having to self cath the rest. Evening and night time is murder having to go every hour 3/4 of an hour. I don’t have any other symptoms than just the urgency to go. Do you think this could be an infection or inflammation? Thanks xx

  • Certainly sounds as if it could be an infection, worth getting it checked out. I sometimes have urgency if there's a lot of mucus eg from change of diet/lots of fatty food. Good that you self cath to ensure fully empty. Do drink plenty to flush through & dilute the urine. Hope it clears up soon.

  • Hi Teasswil

    just a quick question. 
    I know you self cath as you lost the ability to void. I am now the same an up until about 8 weeks ago I’ve suffered with re occurring water infections. I’ve had 3 courses of trimethoprim and after each course the symptoms come back. The third time symptoms came on quickly and quite severe. My Gp gave me a 5 day course of co-amoxiclav. 
    i seen my consultant yesterday who gave me an extra 2 day course and a 3 month course of another to take every night.  He said due to self cathing that’s how the bugs are getting in  now I’m very clean and careful to wipe before inserting  My question is is there anything I can use to make sure it’s extra clean like a wipe or anything,,that’s not going to cause extra problems. 
    I only thought about it last night and should have really asked my consultant. Then thought then who would know best but the fab folks on here. 
    thank you


  • That's interesting. When I was in hosp and first taught to self cath, they asked me to use a wipe first, but said I didn't need to do that at home. You might say I'm quite casual about self cathing now. Perhaps I'm lucky or have different microbiome, but never knowingly had an infection. I believe neo urine will always test positive because of the intestinal structure.

    What sort of wipe do you use? I have some micellar water wipes I sometimes use after a bowel movement, which are pleasant & non irritating.

  • Hi, sideways thought as Teasswill mentions biome. Always check with your pharmacist or medical team. There are gut friendly bacteria capsules specially formulated 'for women' I find these reduce the incidence of annoying thrush. Don't know whether they might help?

  • Hi thanks for your reply. 
    I was told to wipe first which I always do without fail but just with toilet paper not wet wipes, this is why I was asking. Maybe this is the mistake I’m making? I’m always careful not to let the catheter touch anything else either. I’ll ask on the vyne website where I get my catheters from see what they suggest. 

    thank you 

    Paula x

  • Probably worth trying some sort of wet wipes - you should be able to get some from your supplier, same as they would for stoma users. (My supplier always offers them as complementary, but I prefer the micellar ones - inexpensive from Boots) Remember to always wipe front to back too.

  • Thank you. 
    I’ll try anything. 
    thanks again for your reply and advice.