Bladder removal (plus womb)

Hi all, for anyone who has had their bladder removed plus the womb etc..... did you start to go through the change of life quite quickly? 

I had my operation 3 weeks tomorrow & I'm finding that I get hot flushes & my mood is quite low. I know I've had major surgery & I'm probably not going to be wanting to dance the Highland fling, but I wasn't expecting to feel like this either. 

I feel like I'm being a bit ungreatful if I'm honest, but I can't help how I feel & I just want to get back to being me again. Anyone else go through this? Or is it just me? X

  • Hi Rachel, 

     I don't know how you should be feeling. But i'm sure that 3 weeks after such an op it would be fairly normal to feel low. Some would feel a bit more emotional than usual as well as uncomfortable.

    In another three weeks you'll look back from a much better position i'm sure. I had a kidney removed 6 weeks ago and i'm just getting back to normal now. It's been a mixture of scary, uncomfortable, frustration, and being a bit low that it's taking so long and feeling so useless.

    Your body has been through a lot and needs time to adjust and adapt to it's new condition and It's sometimes hard for us to understand that.

    I do hope things look up for you soon.....Del.

  • Hi Rachel72, just hoping you don't mind an answer from someone on HRT [hormone replacement therapy] but not a bc sufferer. Our local hospital Women's Health Dr recently put me back on HRT mainly to protect my bones from osteoporosis getting worse although also some hot flushes and burning mouth syndrome. I'd been told by a genetic counsellor when I was 20 I must have HRT at 45 [due to bone problems] which I did but only 3 years used to be allowed. Nearly 20 years on research shows the added risks are tolerable so I now have Oestrogel pump and in my case [would not apply to you having had womb removed] progestogen capsules too. 

    I definitely feel it would be reasonable for you to ask your medical team ASAP for their advice on your issues.

    Best wishes, 


  • Thank you will get hold of my doctor today x

  • Hi Rachel,How are you feeling now ? I hope you are improving.Love Jane x

  • All sounds very normal, take heart that you will eventually recover. I had already gone through the menopause, but even so found that I had poor temp control post op so needed light layers to put on/take off as needed. Definitely worth investigating HRT to help you.

    Depression is also common post op, so if that is really an issue, do seek advice. Emotions can be very fragile for a while post op, especially when you are starting to feel stronger & do more, but not yet able to tackle everything as normal. I remember bursting into tears at the GP surgery over a mix up about appt dates about 2 months post op. 

    Make sure to rest plenty, but gradually build up activities in between. keep eating little & often, concentrating on carbs & protein. Best wishes for continuing recovery.

  • I was suprised at how emotional I felt post op.I burst into tears when the dr wanted to send me home.I begged to stay in an extra day and by the next morning felt better and was discharged.