Golf with a stoma?

Hi to any keen golfers on here. I am awaiting my cystectomy and urostomy in mid January. I am wondering about the impact my changed circumstances will have on my golf?

I am Handicap Secretary for a Golf Society, plus have other golf buddies, so often played 2 or 3 times a week, The medical issues have stopped me playing either due to my physical condition post op and during chemo, plus isolating from Covid. Golf is (was) my main leisure pursuit, so it would be a huge blow, if I found that this was no longer possible. So feedback on your experience would be very welcome, hopefully confirming that I should be able to play with a stoma bag hopefully securely attached to my body. 

  • Hi and welcome Kidneybeen,

    I used to play golf regular many years ago; however I have only played this once 3 years after my operation and that was this year.

     I did not have any issues apart from playing terrible golf. The only issue I thought I may have was a bag leak, this could possibly be more prevalent  in hot weather due to the glue that sticks the bag becoming softer, always carry a spare set of clothing just in case.


  • Terrible golf I can live with, it happens more often than the really good days.

    As I've got older the handicap has crept up from the lowest I ever managed of 13. I only started when I retired, so never had expectations of becoming a scratch player!

    But I hope to get back to it as soon as fit enough, and start trying to get the current figure of 18 down, from the last time I was playing back in September.

    This latest set back came just as I was starting to really get back into it, and had managed to bring the figure down several shots, after handicap review due to my long lay off. 


  • With the 6 weeks post op expired, I now have the freedom of being able to drive again. So I went to the golf course to meet the guys in the society after they completed their rounds on Tuesday and Thursday. I hit a small number of balls with 3/4 strength 6 iron off a low tee, each day, with no problems concerning the stoma bag. So I will gradually ramp up the practice sessions, hitting more balls and using some woods. If all goes well, I will look to start playing the course from mid month onwards. 

    There are 2 issues to be resolved - How soon I can get a stoma bag support belt, after the fitting next week. Plus the ground conditions need to improve markedly, allowing golf cart use. I think I need to use one for the first few weeks, as I gradually build up to playing a full round, and feel fit enough to start walking with my motorised trolley again.


  • Repeated the golf course and range visits this week, hitting a few more balls each time, and adding the 3 Wood to the practice sessions. Went to the range today and hit 2 dozen balls using the 2 clubs, so feeling more confident that it is ok to start thinking about playing the course soon.

    Recent weather has been fairly good, and the golf buggy ban has been lifted, so it's really down to when I feel the time is right to make my comeback. It will be 8 weeks post op on Tuesday, so perhaps I might go for it on Thursday. I would use a golf cart and see if I can manage up to 9 holes, before getting to tired initially. I would then gradually increase the number of holes being completed, working towards the full 18. 


  • I hope the stoma bag support belt arrives fairly quick, after the fitting last week. I opted for a standard type that doesn't need a hole cut out made to suit the stoma bag. So this should minimise the time for supply and delivery. Meanwhile I can improvise with fairly tight fit trousers and a wide belt to provide some abdominal support. 


  • Good to hear you are back playing golf.I hope the belt arrives soon.I was given a standard one by the stoma nurse and use it when I’m gardening.It does help.I’m wondering whether I should wear it now with all the book shifting I’m doing.You sound as if you are doing well which is encouraging to others facing this surgery.Best wishes Jane 

  • I would pop your belt on anytime you think you may have to lift any heavy boxes etc.

    Apart from the extra protection for the stoma bag, the other benefit is the overall abdominal support provided. I had open surgery, so apart from the stoma orifice, have an operation incision from my navel as far as it goes down towards my old urine outlet! So I am aware that there is a risk of a hernia should I put these areas under significant stress, due to any activities that involve this area. 

    Take care, and don't forget to spoil yourself occaisionally, you deserve some respite after the recent trials!


  • Thank you.I think I will put the belt on when I start lifting boxes.There are piles of books on the lounge floor at present.My partner is going to bring some boxes over next week.It’s hard work but I have plans and am being ruthless in letting stuff go.Jane 

  • I used to play golf. I would've thought the twisting action of a normal golf swing would upset a stoma. I don't know but it's what i would of thought. It's great that you're trying it out and feeding back. I may yet end up with a stoma. I just don't know. I've had turpt and await results. I have made myself look at and consider options so as to be part prepared in case that's my outcome.

    Can i ask does the valve (i would think there's some sort of valve) come out of body at about waistband height ?

  • Hi Deloo,The valve/small cap sits below the waistband.Mine is around the pant leg level.The stomas are usually on the right hand side of the body.My stoma is almost level with the middle of the navel.At bedtime you just unplug and plug into a much larger night bag.This saves having to get up to empty the bag.Jane