Bit disappointed - 6 month cystoscopy not clear

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Had my 6th month cystoscopy today and after having 2 clear ones last year was very much hoping for a clear result. The doctor saw a small patch which he thought should have a biopsy within the next 4-6 weeks, feel rather deflated. I suppose it is good they see it when it's small and hopefully it could be something and nothing but it's not that lovely feeling when you get the clear. Just wonder if the bcg is not doing it's job, it has since first diagnosed in June 22. Also wonder if they will continue after this is dealt with with the Bcg, I have 18. Onwards and upwards, but don't feel so positive. 

  • Hi,I’m sorry you have another patch.I hope you don’t have to wait too long to have it removed.Love Jane xx

  • Hi Bumblebee, really sorry it wasnt an outright all clear for you .  I do understand the deflation, but try and hold on to the thought it could be nothing. I had that experience recently and it was just a patch of atypical cells. Its such a roller coaster this journey of highs and lows , its really hard at times. Sending you a big hug

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Angela, you always cheer me up xx

  • Thanks Jane, hope all is well with you, have you found a new home yet, have you sold yours? 

  • Hand on in there ! It could be nothing, and red patches very often are. I have one myself after my induction, and am having a biopsy next week. Until proved otherwise I am assuming it’s scar tissue until proved otherwise. BCG does quite a good job of damaging the jolly old bladder - which it’s designed to do. I know it’s hard but don’t panic I am sure you are in good hands. Leo

  • No,It’s still on the market and I think the price will have to come down.The market is bad,so many houses are back up for sale.I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your patch might be inflammation rather than cancer.Sending a hug Jane x

  • Cheers Leo, yes I suppose it could be bcg damage as my last three were April, yes I must rationalise and not think the worse, I think it's just because he said flat cancer but then they say "don't worry". I am glad they are doing it with a lazer and I don't have to have general as that's all more dramatic, fingers crossed, thanks for responding, this all helps. 

  • I hope this might bring you cheer. I saved a bumblebee the other day that was barely moving. I picked a flower that had lots of pollen and slipped it under the bee and it slowly began to come round. I felt like a hero lol !

    Much love Angela x

  • We love saving the bees, they are so important and beautiful, well done Angela xx

  • Hi Bumblebee, I was still getting annual reoccurrences during my BCG treatment until dose 26! Every year another TURBT.  Finally after dose 27 the reoccurrences stopped. It's been clear for 3 years now,. But I know it could return any time. I just cross my fingers and hope xx