Bladder cancer

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Hi Wave       My husband had bladder cancer …… diagnosed last March he was treated with chemotherapy and then chemo/radiotherapy …. His last Treatment was in November….. he had a ct scan a few weeks ago anWorriedthe consultant said it looked all good but he still has to have the camera inside just to double check wich is on Tuesday of next week ….     Unfortunately found out yesterday my husband is losing bWorriedod again when he pee s ..   this as been so for a few days but he only told me yesterday as he said he didn’t want to worry me !!!      Has anyone had this happen! Does it mean the cancer is still tWorriedre in the bladder !!! My husband wonders if maybe he’s over done things at work and maybe caused a rupture !!     

  • Hi Grub69, sorry to hear your husband is having some worries. As you know blood in urine can be an indicator of bladder cancer but I imagine it can also be caused by other factors. It's really hard not to reach the worst conclusion.xx Thank goodness you have a cystoscopy booked in for Tuesday. The doctors will be able to see straight away what the problem is and can start planning next steps. In fact I had so many reoccurences during my treatment, that I've got pretty good at spotting trouble myself when I have a cystoscopy. After 4 years of reoccurrences I have now been clear for 3 years. Fingers crossed for you on Tuesday. H x

  • Thankyou … glad to hear you’ve been 3 years without reaccurence.  Xx

  • Try not to worry too much as blood can occur with infection,stones and inflammation as well as cancer.A urine test will rule out infection.Cystoscopy should provide some answers.Fingers crossed that it’s not a recurrence.I hope all goes well.Let us know what happens.Best wishes Jane x

  • Hi  . We know the radiation can cause damage to the bladder lining. This happened to me a few times after my RT. My CNS advised me to drink lots of water to keep things flushed out. Good to know a flexi is booked but as always, if things don't improve then contact the medics. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi can I just ask you said you had some reoccurring a few times after treatment!!   What was the outcome did they do more chemotherapy? Radiotherapy?    My husband still has his bladder at the momenWorried there was talk of removal    The c t scan he had done was clear but now this Worried  … not sure if there is still cancer in the bladder whether they can do more treatment…. ?? Thankyou .. 

  • Hi Grub69, I was treated using an old and well established method, BCG bacillus is put into the bladder over an extended period of time. In my case it was 27 doses over three and a half years. Each time the cancer reoccurred it was a lower grade than my original tumour, so the Multidisciplinary Team said to carry on with the doses. Eventually (3 months after dose 27) I had an all-clear cystoscopy and so far it's been 3 years with no further growths. I don't count my chickens though, every cystoscopy I hold my breath and cross my fingers. Good luck with the Tuesday cystoscopy. Hx

  • Thankyou sorry to ask but this is all new to us …. He shuts off sometimes with me and doesn’t tell me what’s going on .. I guess fear … I get that but he’s been Bleeding when peeing now for a few daWorried but won’t ring doctors or let me call Worried.. thank god for Tuesday maybe some answers.. just feeling lost but Thankyou for your reply ..xx

  • Sorry to Read your husband is having blood in his urine and I should imagine it brings back the memories from the start of his journey but please both try to remember things are a little different now he’s under the care of his urology team now he’s got a visit with them Tuesday where the issue can be discussed with them the worrying and waiting is horrible Best of Luck to him on Tuesday fingers crossed it will just be some inflammation or something like that 


  • Thankyou that means a lot . Just so worried Prayx