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Has anyone got experience of foods and drinks which have actually helped them with the side effects of bladder cancer and its treatment? I’ve been drinking plenty of green tea, making my own kefir, eating nuts, fruits and vegetables but I can’t directly assign them to any noticeable benefits. 

  • Hi Andy 

    I personally am the same on the foods but the drinks is the big one really I have started drinking Red Bush Tea no milk obviously but with a nice big chunk of lemon in it I still have my one morning coffee and that is my only caffeine intake now the red bush tea has got many good factors to it and do feel it has helped keep a good balance with my other fluid intake 

  • Thanks. I’ll give that a try as well. The more variety the better.

  • It is known to have antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties can help with blood pressure cholesterol also is also known as Rooibos tea or African red tea obviously us who are looking for something to aid in keeping the bladder as settled as possible the anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties are the main ones give it a go hope it helps Pal 

  • Hi Andy, 

    I changed my diet before my diagnosis, Cholesterol was a little high so gave up processed meats, cheese, butter etc. Not had my cholesterol checked since though so will need to get another test one day.

    Since being diagnosed I have given up fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and switched to herbal tea.I drink a lot more water now.

    I've now given up red meats and probably have more veggie meals than chicken now. Added a lot more fiber to my diet, and fruit especially blueberries, in addition to the veggies. Also gave up white bread and switched to seeded or wholemeal.

    My bowels (sorry) are definitely better...

    I'm not really sure about helping the bladder, I've been quite lucky, just sone discomfort after my BCG treatments and had some inflammation after my last one for a while.

    I like to think it's helping, but as I don't really miss the stuff I've changed I'm happy to carry on regardless.

    Although that Red Bush tea sounds good, might give that a try myself.

    Saying all that I do have treats and I do have a real ale or a pint or two of Guinness on the odd occasion.


  • Trevor all sounds very sensible to me. I try to limit red meat, consume whole brands, nuts and as many veg and fruit as possible of different colours. Well done sir

  • Thanks, I have seemed to go a bit overboard...

    I do miss thing's occasionally, I recently stayed in Long Melford visiting friends and at breakfast in the hote I could smell the lovely bacon aroma...

    Ended up having poached eggs on avocado on sourdough and was actually very nice.

    Another thing I noticed is that I used to suffer from hemerroids (sorry for that info), but since changing they've pretty much gone.

    If nothing else at least my gut health has improved since the cancer diagnosis.

    Hope all is well with you.


  • Yes, I’ve made similar changes and I do feel better overall. I wish I’d done it sooner!

  • I am not plugging it, and have no commercial interest but have found the range of wholefood products, quality, and service delivery of Wilton Wholefoods second to none. They have been around a long time and know what they are doing. Give them a try

  • Yeah hindsight and all that, at least we're doing it now.

    I used to love running, doing a couple of 5ks a week, put on about 3 stone since I've stopped running (since 2020). Need to start that again, another hindsight moment but wish I never stopped going to the gym. I would blame lockdown, but can't really now.

  • Cheer's Leo I'll check it out.