Three months without treatment

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Hello everyone, I’m new here and relieved to find you.  I have grade two bladder cancer and completed my six weeks of mitomycin having had my tumours removed before that. I finished my mitomycin course two weeks tomorrow but still struggle to feel much better. I found the chemo very hard going but completed the course, although a cancer nurse said she was surprised I managed to do that. Not sure why except I am 78 and I do have other health issues. 
However, I have found that I suddenly feel completely unwell sometimes, nauseous, weak and exhausted, when I was expecting to feel gradually stronger and more energetic.  Wonder if anyone has had the same problems during this supposed holiday of three months before the next check? 

Would love to hear from you


  • Not had that treatment myself, so don't know if it's cumulative effects or not. But sometimes you keep yourself going during treatment & then when all is quiet, the mental strain hits you. Perhaps worth checking with GP, especially if you have other health issues? Best wishes.

  • Good afternoon Littlegran and welcome. I started the first of a series of mitomycin yesterday. I completed a series of six in July last year. The procedure went without incident or after effect. During the months after the first series I’ve felt on occasions lethargic and with dizziness. Like you I can put this down to age, 83, or other health conditions. Best wishes, JOHN.

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    I had three cycles of chemo and on one occasion it knocked my liver function for six. I didn't realise at the time how fatigued I used to feel. I have read that it's two months recovery time for every month of treatment, but it varies from person to person. Two weeks? Still pretty early, but if you're concerned, you could contact your CSN, or one of the Macmillan Nurses on this site.

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