Recovery issues after RC

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Hi All, I had my RC/hysterectomy/appendectomy/lymph nodes removed on 19th February, discharged after one week. Admitted again the following day with bowel impaction and an infection, stayed in for a further 3 weeks with lazy bowel issues. Lost 2 stone!

Doing ok now, but I'm having trouble emptying my bowels. Mentioned to Consultant and he still says give it time. Excuse the grim detail but I'm having to use my finger to get the poo out. I'm eating fairly well now and not constipated, if anything it's more of a problem that my poo is quite soft and I just don't seam to have any strength in my back passage to move anything out. Added to this I'm now having to deal with extremely painful hemmahroids, 

 I'm so depressed and disappointed that Ive coped so well with the surgery, I love my bag and if it wasn't for these bowel issues I'd have really turned a corner by now.

Any advice and help appreciated.

Love C xx

  • Hi  . Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down. No experience of this but I am sure someone will be along with advice. I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi PurpleSparkle, really good to hear how well you've coped with the surgery and particularly that you are happy with your bag. Those are the two really important successful outcomes you needed. I reckon the bowel issue will sort itself out, I remember I really struggled to get going normally after a big anaesthetic (hysterectomy) Even 30 years later the finger up the bum scenario resonates painfully!!! Do you have a Cancer Nurse Specialist you could ring up for some back passage advice? Sending a hug Hx

  • I get a similar sensation sometimes, post RC, that soft poo is just sitting there & I can't fully empty. Then, wiping may clear it, or I'll sometimes get a second evacuation. They do say that bowels can be erratic & can be some permanent changes after RC. You are still fairly early days & hopefully things will settle eventually. Do be sure to drink plenty of water based drinks. Perhaps GP can help with something for haemorrhoids, or try some over the counter medication? 

    Pretty normal to feel a bit down too, emotions can be fragile for even a few months post op. I found this particularly when I started to feel better & do more, but frustrated at the slow recovery. With the bad start you had, make take a while to feel well on the road back to normality. Best wishes.

  • Just another thought, you might be able to find a better position on the loo. We invested in a toilet stool to achieve closer to the recommended squat position to poo. 

  • My tactic for getting bowel on the move is to sit there doing vigorous figure-of-eight exercises with my shoulders. This creates alternating-side back muscle movement rather like walking, which seems to wake up the internal movement.