Bladder cancer

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I have my first chemo on Thursday which I am open minded about but I am very tier full at the moment just woundering if anyone else has had this   My husband is not someone I can share my emotions with I tend to let it go when he isn’t around 

  • Hi Forestranger, 

    I think everyone has different responses to chemo, I had three cycles of Gem/cis early last year and struggled with nausea and a constant metallic taste, I was also emotional towards the end of treatment but I think it’s a natural reaction to all the changes going on in your body, and fear, stress and worry of the unknown. I  hope the chemo goes well for you, is it your first line of treatment? 

    Annie x

  • I have had two ops as nd now I have 6 weeks of chemo 

  • I had 9 weeks of chemo before my op to shrink the cancer to enable surgery, I am now cancer free with regular check ups. I wish you well with your chemo, it will soon be done


  • Well I have had two ops now I start 6 weeks of chemo , but Thankyou for answering my note

  • I start my chemo this week, 9 weeks to see if we can shrink the cancer in my bladder, did you Carry on working while you had chemo, as my main job is driving, doctors have said I can drive my car, last question did you have your bladder removed 

  • Hiya, 

    I hope your chemo goes well, I was made redundant just as Covid took hold and as I was 60 I took my work pension to manage on until I get my SP at 66, so I was lucky in the fact I didn’t have to work through treatment. 
    I had my kidney, ureter and bladder cuff removed after chemo as my cancer was in the upper tract and not the bladder, I did also have a chemo wash in the bladder after surgery, and am currently having 3 monthly cytoscopies and 6monthly CT scans.