Highs and Lows of Bladder Cancer

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Last week I received a letter from my urology consultant giving me the good news that tests following my TURBT and six-week Mitomycin treatment show no sign of tumour. Six months to my next cystoscopy. Two days later an appontment at the REI (Royal Eye Infirmary) discovered I had macular degeneration (AMD) in my right eye and I have to start a course of injections directly into the eye. I'm not looking forward to this.

  • Hi Rofe Beast,I’m sorry to hear you have macular degeneration.My uncle has the same and recently started the eye injections.I hope your treatment goes well.Best wishes Jane

  • Hi Rofe, rotten to get demoralising news immediately after a spirit-raising all clear. I'm afraid that's life once you are over a certain age I have discovered. However I thought it might be encouraging to hear I have had two cataracts removed with all the required injections, cutting etc and I didn't feel a thing, neither could I see any sharp implements heading into my eyes. You may find the eye treatment is less ghastly than you fear. That was certainly true in my case and I was all ready to faint at the first sight of a needle! Best wishes H x