How long after second TURBT should BCG start

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Hi friends, I had my second TURBT at the end of February, having been diagnosed T1a G3 and I was told that I would be starting on a BCG induction course. I’ve made three phone calls to the hospital to see if I could have an idea when it will start and all they will tell me is that I’m on their radar and they will be in touch. I don’t feel as if I can call back because I’ve been given an answer but it just adds to the stress not having any idea what the timeline is, and when the treatment will start.. I just wondered if this is usual and if I should change my expectations that I’ll be waiting months rather than weeks.. 

  • Good morning Frank123. Welcome to the group. I should imagine the hospital will be giving your bladder a short rest after your Turbt procedure. I am undergoing BCG and following a flexible cystoscopy I have to wait six weeks to allow the bladder to settle down before BCG can start again. There will be more knowledgeable people replying to you today who will give you solid advice. My mantra is to keep asking questions. Good luck Garviv

  • Hi Frank123, my husband had his second TURBT on 3rd August (2022) and had his first BCG on 3rd September, so just under 6 weeks.

  • Hi Frank, I was diagnosed in 2017 and I had the first 6 induction BCG doses about 6-8 weeks after my second TURBT. After those weekly induction doses I had about 3 months between the next 3 x weekly doses, a pattern which continued 3 monthly for next two years. In the 3rd year I think I had 6 months between 3 x weekly doses. In the end I had 27 doses over three and a half years. Although my cancer reoccurred 4 times during the treatment I kept on going with BCG and have now been completely all clear for 3 years. So if you can try to relax and trust the BCG protocol. It's not a short term fix but here I am enjoying life 7 years after my initial diagnosis. Sending best wishes Hx

  • Thank you so much for your helpful response. I realise that I am anxious but it’s mostly the lack of communication. The letter from the consultant stated they had discussed BCG with me but I have not spoken to anyone about it and I’m so I am working it all out for myself.. Can I ask what your stage and grade was in 2017.. apologies if this is too much information..

  • Thank you so much for your helpful response it appreciated 

  • I have waited. 2-3 months after the TURBT. This is not something to be concerned about.

  • Hi Frank, I had my second Turbt in Sept 2022 and started my first bcg in November 22 as you wait for the results and then another appt to discuss the plan and your choices. I am going next month for bcg 18/19/20. Luckily was all clear last year, hoping this continues this year, good luck, I am sure you will hear soon but do contact again if you don't get your appt through soon.