flying after Bladder removal

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Hello, I am due to fly long haul soon for the first time since having a radical cystectomy and wondered if anyone has any advice on this subject, i now have an Indiana pouch so need to use intermittent catheters and i'm concerned about going through airport security and the actual flight in general

Tatoogranny x

  • Hi, I have neobladder & rely on catheters. I did a long haul flight 8 months after surgery, no problem going through security. I got a card signed by my CNS to say I need catheters (& took a copy of my most recent clinic report) but no-one asked to see them.  I did take all my supplies in hand luggage but they went through the scanners without comment. 

    On the flight, be sure to drink plenty (not alcohol) to avoid getting dehydrated. I found I didn't need to empty quite as often as usual but no problem using the airplane toilets. Worth emptying for convenience rather than wait until full eg before sleeping/landing if you're not sure when the next opportunity will be. Have a great trip!

  • Hi Teasswill. thanks for your reply, it's good to hear from someone who has exprienced the situation and hopefully i'm worrying unnecessarily  

  • It's only natural to be apprehensive about all these 'firsts'. No-one wants to be put in an awkward position in public.