Cystoscopy results

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Hello everyone, here I am back home from my 6 month cystoscopy which was in fact after 9 months because of NHS overload. Feeling jubilant from getting another all clear!

Rather than moving me on to annual cystoscopies, doc chose to call me back again after 6 months, about which I have no complaints as I had 5 reoccurrences in the first 4 years. It is now 7 years (and 27 doses of BCG) since my first diagnosis, and there was a time when I thought I would never get to see a cancer-free bladder on the screen. Thanks to my wonderful Cancer Nurse Specialist, thanks to the Urology Department of North Devon District Hospital and huge thanks to our brilliant NHS. 

Expresso Martini cocktails tonight and a bottle of fizz with my daughter! Hope this result can help others out there, maybe in the early days of their bladder cancer, to believe there is hope. 

Love to all Hx