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Diagnosed 4rs ago and have had 10 surgeries to remove tumors with camera checks in between.Surgeon sentn letter for a talk about going  BCG chemotherapy's probably over long spell starting one week for 6 weeks the gap of three and then some l after.furtertimes.

  • Hi thecodger,

    Welcome to the group, sound's like you've been through quite a lot over the last 4 years.

    Quite a few of us on this forum have had or are going through BCG. I'm currently going through the process myself.

    Hope they will get you started soon.

    Kindest Regards


  • Hello the codger, I had six BCG Instillations last year followed by Cystoscopy where I was given all clear. I recently - February had a flexible cystoscopy thankfully clear again. I have a further 3 more BCG instillations scheduled for April. Like you I have several surgeries to remove initial tumour and two superficial tumours. My BC anniversary was in February ( 5 years)  Keep strong and safe Garviv 

  • Thank you for the  reply and will see how get on when I can start  the chemo

  • Have said before it is ongoing over 4yrs now.decided to have BCG that was stopped and wasgoing to have further surgery.That was called of twice.Now have a date for the 22nd this month. Will see how things go now