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Hi...So I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and due to the type of cancer. the decision was made to remove my bladder and ass...ever since my surgery 2 yrs ago I keep getting urinary track infection  every 2 months ...I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this.

  • Hi  . I didn't have removal so not much help with your question. Just giving your post a bump and hopefully someone will have some advice. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi and sorry to hear this. Always check any new over the counter items with a good pharmacist. Many people manage UTIs by cutting down on sugar, even other refined carbs like white flour [the body turns it to sugar very quickly]. Some find it helpful to avoid onions, or tomatoes, or citrus fruits. Some find cranberry supplements help [be wary of cranberry 'juice drinks' which often have lots of sugar]. My old GP recommended Robinsons' Lemon Barley Water, diluted to instructions, and many find this helps, the barley creates an environment that makes it harder for bugs to stick to the lining. And it is a very palatable way to drink plenty of water, which is key to keeping your remaining waterworks flushed clear of infections.

    Also if offered antibiotics, try to insist that a sample is sent to the hospital lab for proper testing, to select the correct antibiotic. Too many antibiotics risk creating resistant bugs, so do do what you can to help yourself by eating healthily and dodging sugar. 

    let us know if any of this helps,


  • Hi  

    You don’t say what form of bladder replacement you had after your removal-do you have a urostomy or neobladder? I have a urostomy and have had regular bacterial infections over the years with the latest one being last week. They don’t trouble me, but do stain my night bag purple (purple urine bag syndrome). Many of my friends do suffer from frequent infections-a consequence of the fact that we have more bacteria in our urine due to the formation of the urostomy from the intestine. 

    Sarah xx

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