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Hi All, 

Received second 6mth check up appointment today for my CT chest/abdom/pelvis with contrast 6th Feb, also have 3mth cytoscopy check 5th Feb. Does anyone else stress with these check ups? And if yes, do you ever feel more calm about them? Thanks in advance 

  • My 3 month cystoscopy is on January 30. Concern and stress, absolutely. 

  • Hi Formula, I have found that the week before I start feeling the anxiety of the tests , check ups coming up. I have to work extra hard to try and keep the anxiety in control and its exhausting. I dont think I will ever feel calm and confident about them. I would love to be that person, but cant see it happening. The very best of luck to you

    much love Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Formula, the easy answer is NO i am afraid. I have been having CT, MRI and lots of others scans for years. As many people on here will tell you it just never gets easier,we call it scanexity a made up word but meaning scan aniexty. We all get it so please dont feel the odd one out its just part of the condition but you do learn how to manage them. I always reward myself every time i have on with a special treat xx

  • Over the years I have had over 20 flexible cystoscopies and numerous scans. In a strange way I always look forward to them as away of reassurance but always get a bit of a wobble on the run up. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • TBH I was somewhat casual about my 1st CT scan, it was only after it was done that “what will they find” anxiety started to build. They only found what was known to be there = BC. A fantastic diagnostic tool and getting better and faster all the time, with the assistance of AI too. 

  • Thank you all for your replies, it is so good to be able to share worries and thoughts on here without judgement xx

  • I'm 12 years post diagnosis, and I have peace of mind re BC after RC & clear post op path report. However, after I've had my annual blood tests & kidney ultrasound, I'm always a bit on edge that something else might be amiss, until receive the 'all OK'. 

    There's also that conflict between being glad they're testing & will find anything that needs treating, vs feeling OK & possibly unnecessary treatment for something that wouldn't have been a problem if no-one knew about it.

  • Hi Formuls,I hope all goes well with your next tests.Best wishes Jane x

  • Hi Formula, I Still get butterflies Butterfly in my tummy leading up to flexible cystoscopy etc. only natural I suppose. I received a letter from my Uro- Oncology Nurse today outlining to my GP I will be having a flexible cystoscopy in February following  a recent maintenance BCG programme. I knew all this information but still started feeling anxious. Silly! Had a coffee, relaxed. All OK now.Welcome to the club. Garviv