2nd TURBT timing

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I had my 1st TURBT on 16th December, MDT last week, G3PT1 with no signs of cancer in the muscle samples removed in 1st TURBT. Consultant says 2nd TURBT in 6 weeks from now to take additional biopsies do rule our MINC, and take a look around. Is that too long do you think , it would be 9 weeks from 1st TURBT. Admittedly 1st TURBT was a bigger job than thought, with 5CM area removed, so may take longer to heal. Any advice gratefully? Consultant said not to worry about this timeframe but just checking.

  • Hi Leo1, I think your guess is right, a 5CM clearance is unusually deep (generally 3CM I believe) and will take a bit longer to heal. Sounds like your surgeon did a very thorough job so I wouldn't worry. Good news that the muscle wall is clear. Best wishes Hx

  • I agree.There needs to be some healing time before the next one.Good to hear it’s not muscle invasive.Best wishes Jane x

  • Hi Leo1, I had to wait 8 weeks between my 2 TURBT’s as I had a 4.5cm tumour removed in the 1st one from the base of the bladder, so had to wait for it to heal as much as possible before they went back in. It’s a horrible wait, but it’s best for the body, if not the mind.

    time will go quick enough, just try to be “kind” to your bladder until the next step.

    good luck, best wishes

    Julia x

  • Cheers Julia many thanks, not sure what being “kind” means Thinking thanks Leo

  • Kind is a way of saying….. drink plenty of water/ juice, don’t overdo it on activities, just get your bladder and body ready for the next step. You know what to expect this time rather than worrying bout the unknown. Thumbsup Julia 

  • I am going to a big celebration at the weekend, I am almost completely teetotal, do you think on this one occasion I could have a couple of glasses of wine, or should I not..?

  • From someone who loves a good tipple..!! Go for it Champagne glass and enjoy Wink 

  • One of the first questions I asked.. My urologist said the odd few drinks now and again should do no harm. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • I tried a couple of drinks Rily, but realised after quite a long period of abstinence that it’s no lo longer for me. It made me feel worse not better. So a sober life is after all for me, I prefer it. It’s a result I think, for me.

  • Sinkers had pre op last week for Turbut number 2. Won’t be long now.