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Hello all. I had an initial TURBT in October 2023 which came back as high grade. The surgery went well and  happy that everything had been  removed. Due to high grade biopsy I,m waiting for a second TURBT. Is there an optimal time between 1st and 2nd. It was non muscle invasive just that I expected to be back in for a second op relatively soon.

Grateful for any thoughts.

  • Hi Andy E,

    Really pleased to hear your 1st TURBT went well.

    Having 2 TURBTs is pretty common I believe and I also had two TURBTS. I understand that the minimum is 6 weeks between the two to give the bladder the time to heal.

    I'm not 100% sure if there is an optimal time but I would have thought that you should have had your second by now or soon. I guess these things get delayed or perhaps I was just lucky.

    I hope you hear back soonest.

    Hopefully someone with more experience might be able to comment if there is an optimal time etc.

    Keep us updated and I wish you all the best.

  • Hi Andy E, sounds like your first TURBT was successful but in my experience after a first diagnosis they always do a second to ensure all totally clear. Like BFG mine was about 6 weeks after my first but waiting lists seem to be moving very slowly at the moment. I've been advised my regular 6 monthly Cystoscopy is likely to be a 9 month one because they are so busy. Nonetheless if you have a Clinical Nurse Specialist I'd be inclined to give them a ring just to check you haven't been overlooked. Best wishes Hx

  • Thanks both I figured it might be Xmas and strike delayed but good shout re contacting the staff. Need to come out of hiding and give them a shout. Kind regards

  • I had my TURBT in August 2023 and similar to you it was high grade and non muscle invasive. I have not had a second TURBT to date and completed the first round of BCG treatments last November. I don’t know if the standard of practice is different in Canada versus Great Britain but I suspect not.

  • Hi CDN, how interesting that they don't do a second TURBT in Canada. Maybe if they feel totally sure they have removed all rogue cells, they feel there is no need? In the UK's NHS the second TURBT is standard. I had my first round of BCG 6 weeks after the second TURBT. 

  • I believe my urologist was very confident he was able to remove the tumour last August. I am not certain, but I think my tumour was 1 1/2 - 2 cm in length. I do know that the TURBT was completed in less than 20 minutes which I interpreted as encouraging but that is only my understanding. No additional symptoms to date. My next cystoscopy is January 30. I don’t want to be too confident as there have been some real shocks/disappointments since this started for me last February/March (likely much sooner as I hadn’t been feeling well long before the blood first appeared in the urine).

  • Thanks again called them today and 2nd TURBT booked 30th Jan it's 16 weeks since the first so hopefully it's not to different to how they left it which was clear. On we go. 

  • Great news fingers crossed for another all clear. Hx

  • It takes a lot of stress away when you have a firm date rather than waiting in limbo. I hope all goes well. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Good luck Andy. Garviv