Red patches


I have just been for my first 6 month cystoscopy after having 6  weekly mytosin sessions.

They noticed two red patches in my bladder and have given me antibiotics to take for one week .

They want to see me again in two weeks and then decide whether to do a rigid cystoscopy and biopsy ...has anyone else experienced this ? So stressed Tired face 

  • O-o-oh yes, red patches are all part of the dance. Medics do take them seriously as they could be a recurrence. but lots of times they are not, but just irritation from all the treatment. My husband has had this twice, red patches seen at flexi check, so next flexi booked for 3 months instead of 6 months to be safe, but no problem thereafter. They never gave him antibiotics, I am guessing those might as much be a precaution as a treatment. Like you he had Mitomycin. If you ever got any on your outside skin by accident [he did] you would know it really burns as it nobbles any nasties. So not surprising it can leave red patches.

    Keep on drinking plenty to flush through, lemon barley was recommended by our old GP and many here find it helpful. The point being that concentrated urine is irritant in itself so drinking plenty reduces the concentration.


  • Hello Redboxer, like you I am to have a biopsy done with a rigid scope in the near future. I had a cystoscopy carried out last December and they confirmed I had an inflamed bladder. It was the result of BCG instillations that were halted in the previous September because they were aware it was causing me pain and discomfort down to chemical cystitis. Red patches were noted by the doctor who had done the cystoscopy. I have had another cystoscopy done last May and again the red patches were still there so this time the nurse put me forward for a rigid cystoscopy biopsy. Nothing had really changed from December but I assume she wants to double check it isn't cis. She seems to think it is inflammation but I of course she wants to make sure, which is fair enough.

    I know we are always aware of a recurrence happening but must not run away with too negative a stance on it. Whatever happens it's done for our benefit. All I do know is our poor old bladders take a battering from different treatments, it's no wonder they kick back at you.

    Take care

  • Hi Redboxer,These can happen due to inflammation.I used to get them often.Sometimes they would disappear by the time it came to the second cystoscopy.On other occasions they were burnt off using diathermy.I think they use laser treatment these days.Hopefully yours are due to your recent treatment rather than cancer.Best wishes Jane 

  • Thank you so much ThumbsupI hope this is the case Prayhope you are doing well Blush 

  • Thanks so much for your reply I'm just consumed eith this at the moment !! I hope you are doing well now Pray

  • Hi . I have had a few false alarms over the years, so know how worrying these things can be. The positive is, they are looking after you. I hope all goes well. The thing with red patches is they cannot distinguish on visible inspection whether it is a recurrence or just inflammation as they both look the same. The odds are in your favour, but whatever, they have got you covered. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi rill

    Thanks so much for the reassurance it really helps ..and I hope everything is good with you now .... Pray

     thank you for taking the time to reply Thumbsup

  • Hi everyone

    I have an appointment for another flexi cystoscopy on 15th July so that's not too long to wait !! Fingers crossed Fingers crossed  also does anyone know how often these red patches turn out to be cancer ? 

    Again,  thank you all so much  for responding to me it really helps Two hearts 

  • Hi Redboxer,Good to hear you have an appointment soon.I don’t know how often red patches turn out to be cancer.Judging from the posts on here though most seem to be from inflammation.Best wishes for your cystoscopy.Let us know how you get on.Jane x