My husband is 3 weeks post op and is managing his stoma quite well. However he is  very exhausted and has been since the op. He is eating and drinking well so am.hoping the exhaustion will improve. Does anyone have any advice about recovery after this operation 

  • Hi Tinker,The exhaustion will improve over time.It might take a few months though.I found the first few weeks were the most tiring.Recovery can be slow but it’s good that your husband is eating and drinking well already.Eating little but often is best.I built up walking levels gradually.It’s important that your husband listens to his body.I found if I did too much I would feel sick or get pain.There is plenty of advice and support here.Best wishes Jane 

  • Three weeks is very early days yet. I think everyone underestimates just how tired & weak they will be post op & for how long. He needs to keep building up the walking - two short walks are better than one long one - with plenty of rest in between. Stop before exhaustion sets in, it's important to pace yourself. if you push yourself too much one day, you will pay for it the next. Concentrate on protein & carbs, little & often, for healing & energy.

    The golden rule is about one month to recover for each hour in surgery. Took me about 6 weeks before starting to go out to leisure classes/activities & 3 months before phased return to work. By 6 months I was doing all usual daily activities but 8 months before end of the day fatigue lifted. Have patience, he will improve.

  • With regards to your husband’s stoma it will change shape and shrink in the early days.I found I had to measure mine a lot to make sure the bags fitted well and there were no leaks.Jane

  • Thank you for your advice. We knew it was a long recovery but was not given much information about the recovery process

  • Hi,They really ought to give out more information on the surgery and the recovery.I got a lot of help from joining this board and I hope you will too.The recovery is more like a marathon than a sprint.If your husband can find something to occupy his recovery time that will help mentally.I took up art and genealogy in addition to reading and watching tv.Best wishes Jane

  • Hi Tinker 

    Tell your husband that it is a slow process for recovery. His body has had major surgery so one day at a time and no beating himself up. It's great that he is eating and drinking.  I lost my appetite for weeks on end. Slowly but surely 

    Love Inanna x 

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  • Hi tinker. Looking back i felt exhausted for weeks. Me and the wife would walk around the block every night and I'd want to go home after one round. Step by step is the way..it really does get better and you don't even realize it. 4 months later and i play tennis..cycle for a few hours. Jogging is still tough..but getting better. I assume it all depends on your prior fitness..but either way it really does get easier and easier..oh btw..i had neo bladder.