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I have had a simple will done by a local solicitor. He also suggested that I consider a Power of Attorney.

Has anyone had this done?

  • Hi Coojee,I haven’t done it yet but I think I will.Having been through so many nightmares sorting out mum’s affairs it is a good idea.Love Jane

  • Thanks.

    You can do a financial version &/or a medical one. I suppose both would make sense.

  • Hi, even our 35 year old daughter and son in law are doing health and welfare ones. The reason is that having worked in A&E [she is a dentist and it is part of the training] she has seen young people come in unconscious. The NHS is limited to life-preserving treatment without either conscious consent, or a Best Interests Meeting, or an LPA in place. She has to take part in these Best interest procedures for some children in care that she treats and it is rightly bureaucratic and therefore slow in happening. So by having an LPA if either is left unconscious eg from a car accident, the other can give instant consent to treatment that will in fact improve the recovery. 

    So it's now also on our to-do list...

    We have also been looking into them for my elderly sister in law who at present still has mental capacity but will lose it as her early dementia advances. The fee for registration at the Office of the Public Guardian is £82 for each [LPA HW and LPA FA [financial affairs]]. If you are good at paperwork you can do it online at .gov, otherwise get quotes from several solicitors, charges vary quite a bit. Hers is asking £900 on top of the reg fee. The wait for the OPG registration is currently running at 15 weeks btw and they are not in force until registered.

    In addition to Lasting PoAs anyone can do a 'general or ordinary PA which lasts 12 months and is handy eg if you are going overseas for a time. The powers are not as extensive on those. 

    Hope all this helps


  • It makes the most sense to do both.The solicitor told me it would be much cheaper if I downloaded the forms online and completed them myself.

  • Thank you, I will ask the price from my solicitor. I can't spend £900.

  • Thank you. I will check prices.

  • Hi Denby,I was about to sort out the POA for Mum and the social worker told me to wait and now it is too late as mum’s dementia is advanced.A relative of mine has done hers and it’s given her peace of mind.Mum was looking after another relatives affairs under the court of protection before she had her brain haemorrhage.It was a terrible time,Mum was in a coma and I had the nursing home needing fees which I didn’t have the authority to pay.My sister & I were so stressed,I think we have both blotted out most of that year 2004.Jane x

  • I think the solicitor said it would be less than a hundred to do it myself.He was charging just under £900 and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford that.Good luck.Jane

  • £82 is much better than £900 !

  • If you do both it will be 2x £82 = £164. Solicitor's fee is on top.