Good evening everyone

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Evening all, 

I hope everyone is ok. Just trying to get ahead for my BCG treatment. I love the lemon barley water, is there a limit to how much you should drink? 

any foods to avoid?

im having a bit of a wobble in regards peeing… I keep expecting to see blood as if I’m almost waiting for it to happen… it’s horrible…

sending positive thoughts ( I could do with some) to all


  • Hi Nigel,

    Try to reverse your anxiety with bloody wee. Instead, when it’s clear, take a sigh of relief and smile. It can happen at any time and I guess sometimes it might not happen. I’m sure somebody who has gone through similar will give you some encouragement here. 

    As for the lemon barley, as long as it’s correctly diluted and there’s no medical reasons to cut back (such as sugars etc) then I say the more you drink the better you’ll flush yourself through. Grinning

    I’ve switched to decaf drinks. I’ve not avoided foods just yet but I expect there are some recommendations. 

    Take care, and keep talking x

  • Thank you Kittybones. I do find talking on here really helps.. I hope your well.


  • Hi Nigel 

    Im still like that now just always waiting to see what colour it is when it starts to flow. counting how many times I’ve visited the bathroom etc as I should imagine everyone on this group has If you feel you are going to much just sit back and think about what you have put in during the previous hours you have been used to not thinking about it until your diagnosis and now your aware there has been a problem it will heighten your anxiety as for colour well if I notice a slightly darker shade straight to the fridge bottle of water straight down no messing it’s all part of getting used to a new routine 


  • Cheers Ste, it’s horrible but something I/we have to get used to. One day I’m so care free and living life, the next day I’m on edge and anxious… tomorrow will be a good day.


  • I've got my 5th BCG today and have never had any blood in my pee. Should I be concerned??

  • Hi Petel,

    I've also not had blood in my wee due to BCG. I've had 12th so far. 

    Hope your BCG goes well.

  • Hi Rob, 

    Thinking back to my TURBTs, it was horrible to see bits coming out with the wee. I don't think anyone can really get used to that.

    I haven't really had any bleeding episode's with BCG, a little with the biopsy when the scab comes out.

    Not really sure with the lemon barley water, I do drink it, but not really noticed any difference to the bladder. I'm not a massive fan, but it does help many so it's probably just me. I do drink lot's of water though. Apart from the lemon Barley I avoid other citrus juices. 

    I do like the apple and pear fruit and barley, this is just for taste, not expecting any bladder benefits.

    I've given up caffeine drinks, switched tea to rooibos tea and avoid coffee.

    I don't drink any beers whilst going through the BCG.

    So apart from the alcohol I don't think there should be much else to give up.

    Best of luck with your BCG.


  • Cheers Trevor, still can’t shift stomach strain…I think I’m falling to pieces…


  • Sorry to hear that. 

    Hopefully you'll be back to normal soon.

  • The barley water should be better than just plain water due to the salts within it. 

    I usually drink ~3 litres on the first day then reduce afterwards. If you drink too much water it can put your blood pressure up due to fluid overload.