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Hi all, 

I’m now almost 9 weeks after my TURBT and struggling more than ever so hoping someone can offer some more advice. 

To start I had my results a few weeks ago and it was benign but since then, I’ve had lots of bloody wees and clots, I’m assuming this is the scab as I was yet to pass (I know it seems late) which has obviously made me second guess my result, I’ve had urine tests and have been put on antibiotics.

My urine has been clear for around 4 days now, so I’m hoping the scab has passed and that’s the end of it, but now I seem to ache in the area I had my op when I walk and I get really odd sensations when I wee, I have dropped another urine sample to the GP today for lab testing and if the result has not improved I need to go back for another Cystoscopy, as you can imagine it’s all very disheartening after a benign result.  

Has anyone had similar issues when passing the scab? Weird sensations when urinating, blood, aches etc? 



  • Hello Jake. Sorry to hear that you are having concerns after your TURBT but pleased that your post TURBT results were benign.

    The symptoms you are having are not unheard of but it is difficult to generalise as to what is 'normal' after a TURBT, even at 9 weeks. Case histories for the many people on this forum indicate wide variations despite having some similarities in the basics e.g. gender, age, pre TURBT symptoms and type of treatment undertaken.

    My experience is offered as a means of perhaps putting your situation into a  wider perspective. My TURBT was in April 2018. I had a long duration catheter after failing to perform prior to discharge from hospital .At first, I had many days where urine looked normal but as time went on this became the exception. I experienced clots, urine colours  which ranged from pale rosé, ruddy orange and finally almost black. Yes, literally!! After several months of this worsening scenario I was admitted to hospital again in September 2018 for bladder flushing. This did not stop the blood or clots and I ended up having a 2nd TURBT which proved successful. 10 days after this admission I was home again. I passed a trial without catheter a few days later but unfortunately, coincidence or otherwise, I was back in a ward with sepsis just 3 days later. That was antibioticked into submission and I went home after 6 days in hospital - with a catheter. I'm still here. I'm a 74M. My tumour was 7cm (from CT scan measurement). It is slowly growing back and may require another TURBT at some stage. Even several years later i.e. occasionally to this day, I pass small red clots and have rosé flow. It's now 2024, so I'm pleased to be still here.

    Best advice is probably to consult your urologist or your GP regarding your concerns. They may say 'give it more time to settle,' provided that other factors check out ok e.g. blood test results, BP, temperature etc. Don't hesitate to get back to them if your concerns remain during extra settling time, or if you think something is not quite right.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi  . Just echoing what Ray says. TURBT wounds normally heal within 6 weeks but can depend on how deep they went. Also any strenuous activity can aggravate the wound. Passing clots do cause really strange sensations and can be scary. I know the feeling. I hope you get some answers but as always, make sure you are taking on board plenty of water to keeps things flushed out and prevent blockages. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Jake,How are you feeling ? It can take time as the others have mentioned.I used to have Interstitial cystitis and was always having benign lesions removed.Some healing times were quicker than others.Fingers crossed things are improving.Jane 

  • Hi Jane,  

    symptoms have definitely improved after my course of antibiotics, no blood or clots since Friday, so hoping things are on the up. Still very achey and a very strange sensation when I wee, as if my bladders being squeezed, hoping it all passes soon. 

    Thanks for getting in touch, 


  • That sensation should settle down.I’m glad things are improving.Jane