Week 4 of BCG Night Sweats

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Hi All,

New to the forum. Had week 4 of my BCG yesterday. Over the last three nights I have been waking up about 4 /5 times covered in cold sweat.

Anyone else experienced similar??

  • Hi  .Not had BCG myself but let me welcome you to the group. We do hear many different side effects with this treatment. I am sure someone will be along with experience to help. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • HI. I have had 12 BCG installations so far, and find the effects can differ after each one. Brief synopsis:

    1 - felt warm for 24 hours.

    2 - felt warm for 24 hours

    3 - felt warm for 24 hours. Blood and scabs in urine

    4 - felt warm for 36 hours

    5  -knocked me out for ~4 days with chills and sweats and lack of energy

    6 - back to just feeling warm

    7 - Chills and sweats for 36 hours. Right flank pain for 72 hours. Heavy "gel" fraction in urine

    8 - Large clots

    9 - no side effects

    10 - no side effects

    11 - headache for 5 days ; flank pain 3 days

    12 - headache for 3 days, flank pain 2 days

    With all the above, very frequent and painful urination for the first 24 hours, most with blood, but then settles down.

    If my experience is anything to go by, some of the more unpleasant side effects aren't experienced on every installation, I am finding that keeping the stuff in for 2 hours is more of an issue with the latter instillations, but just making the 2 hour mark.

  • Hi Petel

    I've just had number 6 BCG. I've not experienced cold sweats but I am a Menopausal lady and I'm roasting hot all the time Laughing.  I think we all suffer from different side effects. Check with your CNS nurse next week and see what they say.

    Hope you are able to carry on the BCG journey. 

    Sending you hugs and best wishes. 

    Love Ade xx

  • Thanks for the welcome and replies guys. 

    Feel like I've aged 10 years since starting my 6 BCG.

  • Hi Petel,Welcome to the group.I’m sorry to hear you are having sweats.I hope you find the group helpful and supportive.Love Jane x